Fall Cognac

jacket . waffle layering tee . jeans (maternity) . booties . scarf 

5 Things. 

The time change has totally messed my kids up you guys. Yep, the time change that happened last week. The boys are still being affected by it and it's messing up our sleep jam. I'm hopeful that they will get back to their regular sleep schedules because it's not for anyone when they're cranky :) 

I've been taking a little time away from IG and this blog the past couple weeks to get in extra cuddles with the family. Sometimes I let the weight of my world weigh down heavily on me and I need to step back and remember how lucky I am to have my sweet boys by my side. 

Josh and I have been extra busy with our house. Everything is kind of going really fast now. We've met with a few builders and are now trying to decide on the best one for us. We've had our real estate agreement for our lot sitting on the counter for at least a month. The unknown is so scary. Getting ready to build a house is extra terrifying. 

Finley is officially crawling!!! He's been army crawling since 5 months but now he's full on crawling and pulling up and sitting up. I already want another baby. I never thought I'd say those words for a long long time. I always thought moms who would claim to be baby hungry when they in fact just had a baby were nuts. But here I am, one of those moms. 

Bella Ella is my new favorite boutique. I was able to get a couple winter coats from there and am in love! This cognac faux leather is my favorite and for only $40 it was a steal! You guys have to check them out, you'll be sure to want to spend your entire paycheck there haha.

Disneyland Countdown Calendar with Park Savers


When we lived in Anaheim as a child, Disneyland was an all the time thing. Disney movies were a staple and Mickey was the greatest mouse there was (and still is!). When Josh and I were dating I'd drag him to Disneyland to relive some of my childhood with me and I still remember the first time walking down Main Street U.S.A holding his hand and crying. Yep, I'll admit it. I cried taking my husband to D-land. It just really holds a special place in my heart as I'm sure it does for so many! 

Going back when he had Copeland was a dream! Although he was too small to ride any of the big rides it was worth every penny and he always asks when we're going back. And just a silly story. We went last September when I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Finn, with some of our good friends. While we sat watching the Mickey's Magical Map show (okay, tearing up now just watching it again! haha) I watched as Copeland's eyes lit up and I just start weeping you guys, full on crying and trying to hide it from Josh and our friends but of course Josh sees and asks if I'm crying. I look over at him and my girlfriend Brette, who also was crying and then we look over at her husband who also was holding back tears. You guys Disney has magic powers that makes you cry like a little girl! oh I love you Disneyland!

Anyway so the other day Josh decides to measure Cope and comes out from the bedroom saying "Whelp! Guess we're going to Disneyland!" Ummmm... you guys this is SO not Josh. He isn't exactly Disney's number one fan and his idea of vacation is tropical beaches not theme parks. BUT, I think he has secretly been waiting for the day that Copeland hit 40" so that we could take him on Cars, Splash, Space and Big Thunder Mountain. We are scared for our sanity to take both boys but boy are we excited! 

This year since our budget is pretty tight we are going through Park Savers to help us stay on track for this vacation. If you're not familiar with Park Savers, you need to get to know this website! Park Savers provides the best discounts on Walt Disney World and Disneyland tickets and hotels. There are so many sites claiming to sell discounted tickets that are simply not legit. There are only a few authorized resellers where you can save money and know that your tickets are valid at the parks, and Park Savers is the best! This company takes great pride in providing the lowest price, and the BEST service.

In addition to discounted park tickets, Park Savers is a full-service travel agency. You can book your entire Disney vacation package through Park Savers to take advantage of the maximum discount and a few extra perks. Packages may include either a Disney Resort Hotel or any other hotel that you prefer. If you're not interested in packages, you can purchase tickets or hotels "a la carte". 

Park Savers also offers a best price guarantee, meaning that if you find a better deal on the hotel you booked with Park Savers, they'll refund the difference along with a $50 travel voucher!


So something I did last time we went to Disneyland was made a fun Disneyland countdown chain for Copeland. He was still pretty young so it was mainly me taking the chains off everyday haha but this year Copeland is old enough to understand it which is so fun! He is so excited about Disneyland and the countdown chain just adds to the excitement! I ony made the chain 30 links long so we won't start it until after Christmas. 

So here is the step by step tutorial.
Black, Yellow, Red, and White Construction paper.
Draw out your lines on the yellow, red and and white strips to make it easier to cut straight strips. I made mine about and inch wide.
For the black mouse ears I just mark a straight line and then took a bottle cap to trace half circles. 
Fold up the ears. *fun tip* you can write fun things to do on each link like "watch Monsters Inc." or "make Mickey Mouse pancakes". Kinda makes the days leading up to Disneyland more fun!
Here you will glue on your little white dots to the red strips. 

To assemble your chain simply make a loop with the paper and either use a glue stick (what I used) or a staple it together. The colors will go Black Ears, Red Loop, Yellow Loop, White Loop, repeat. 
Take another piece of black paper and cut it into two pieces, lengthwise. (disregard the red paper in this picture).
Once folded, cut in half so you have two long accordion style folded strips. 
Glue strips ends together.
Cut out two small circles and add a small amount of hot glue. 

Take your long black folded strips and make your way around the hot glue to form an entire circle. 
Glue the ends together.
Cut out a large red circle and a smaller white circle and glue stick together. Hot glue the ears to the large circle and write in "Days Til' Disneyland!"
Hot glue your chain together.