Kitchen Remodel

What the kitchen looked like when we moved in. Yikes!
After a minor makeover...

And Now...

Well, it's finally finished! It's been a ton of work doing all of it ourselves but it saved us so much money so it was worth it :) Even being 33 weeks pregnant and tiling that dang backsplash! I never want to tile anything ever again!!! It was the biggest pain in my pregnant behind but it's done! Woo hoo!

Finishing the kitchen is sort of bitter sweet. It was the last project on our house that we got to do before we sell it this summer. We've been going back and forth on whether or not we should keep it and rent it out or just be done and part ways. We finally came to the decision to sell and it's pretty heartbreaking on my pregnant mama heart. But it's the best decision for us so hopefully the next owners will adore this home like we have. 

Alright let's get into the nitty gritty of this renovation! 

Counters: We knew if we did anything at all it would be to replace the counter top. The previous one was from the 90's and it was bad! We decided to go with a laminate from Wilson Art in Calcutta Marble. We wanted something neutral, nice looking and cheap. For the area we are in putting in stone just wouldn't have the resell value we need. I honestly couldn't be happier with the laminate! I think it looks great in this kitchen. We ordered it from Home Depot and had it measured and then Josh installed it himself, saving us about $500! 

Backsplash: I have always loved white subway tile in kitchens and baths. It's clean and fresh looking and easy to maintain! We used the tile sheets at Home Depot to make it easy and went with the color Pewter for the grout. However, in retrospect I wish I would have gone lighter on the grout. I tiled this myself and cannot wait to never have to tile anything ever again! Hahaha.. but really it's a pain. If you can afford to just hire someone to do it. Since we did do it ourselves though that saved us about $400! Subway Tile Sheets: Home Depot
Grout: Home Depot

Sink: We decided to go with a large single basin farmhouse style sink from Ikea. I love the look of apron front sinks and this one fit within out budget at just $185! It's perfect and I love it so far.
Sink: Ikea 

Shelf: My husband actually made this shelf and the brackets. He's pretty amazing and can keep up with all my crazy demands ha. I couldn't believe how impossible it was to find a simple L shaped shelf bracket but believe it! They do not make them or sell them at any local hardware/home store. In fact you have to have them special ordered at between $60-$150 a pop! Yep, definitely not in our budget. So Saturday morning I loaded Copeland in the car headed to Metal Mart and purchased a steel rod from their scraps section. I got 8 ft. for $10 you guys!! I was so proud and couldn't wait for Josh to get home to see :) 

I cleaned up the rusty rod with some steel wool, cleaned it all up and then spray painted it black. Josh cut the rod into the length we wanted and pounded them out in an L shape to use as shelf brackets. And voila! Two shelf brackets for around 15 bucks!

Flooring: For the flooring we had a dark laminate in the kitchen and dining but once we decided to completely finish the kitchen makeover we also decided to rip up the carpet that ran from the open concept family room and hallway. We replaced the entire flooring (carpet and dark laminate wood) with this new lighter laminate wood. It's not the exact color I wanted but it was pretty and cheap. And again since we are getting ready to sell we didn't want to dish out a ton of money. Just enough to make the house look nice and hopefully help us sell it quickly :)
Laminate Wood Flooring: Home Depot 

Other Kitchen Items: 

Children's Table (Hobby Lobby in stores)
Dining Table (husband designed and made)
White Dining Bench (husband designed and made)
Bench Pillows (I made/DIY) 
Painting (thrift store find)

Maternity Style Must-Haves

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

^^^ Click the links above to shop each piece! ^^^ 

Just a little more on my favorite pieces for maternity fashion...
I'm all about being comfortable during pregnancy. Especially with a toddler and now being 
in the third trimester, comfort is key!

This time around I really love form fitting tops. It's been fun to embrace my belly and show 
it off a little :) The Target tanks (#6) are awesome. Only about $12 and these baby's are 
THE BEST! I own almost all the colors because I'm so obsessed. 

As far as bottoms go I'm in love with the H&M Mama leggings (#1). For $13 they are 
amazing you guys! So comfy. I think I wear them about 90% of the week. I'm constantly 
washing them and they've held up so well for the past 8 months! 

I also LOVE my Zara mum jeans (#3). These are a bit pricey (I lucked out and got them on 
black Friday for super cheap) but honestly they are totally worth the investment in my opinion. 
They are so flattering and extremely comfortable! 

And of course, I'll always be all about the dresses. About 50% of my closet is dresses because 
they are so easy. No thinking about finding a top and bottoms to match, just throw on a 
dress and go!

Happy mama shopping ladies!