Side Swept Braid // Tutorial

As a mom, it's always nice to have a quick, yet cute, go-to hairstyle
and this one is perfect!

I hope you all enjoy this fun summer hair tutorial!

|| Pretty Pinning ||

Summer is so close!
I can hardly wait.

Josh has already started softball for the season 
and it is the best! Although Copeland is not a fan
of the grass, I think he'll learn to love it eventually :)

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Fit Food Friday

You guys! It's been so busy these past couple weeks that I've hardly had time to document my food! 
But I found time to document this for this weeks Fit Food Friday :) 

Tuna with Celery Sticks 

Approx. 300 calories and 40 grams of Protein 
-1 can of starkist tuna 
-1 tablespoon of mayonnaise 
-1 tablespoon of dill relish 
-1 tablespoon dried onions
-4 celery sticks cut in halves 

This is such a yummy lunch or snack! 
I love tuna so much, I really could eat it everyday :) 

|| Hippity Hop ||

I just love this time of year!
For Easter weekend, we celebrated twice!

Saturday night we headed to the in-laws to celebrate an early Easter dinner and a birthday.
Then tonight we went to my grandparents for another Easter dinner.
Two nights filled with family, games and yummy food was the best!

This morning we gave Copeland his Easter basket 
and he was in love with the eggs! 

We were doting parents all morning :) 

The weather this afternoon at my grandparents was perfect and so we snapped 
a few impromptu family photos :) 

Does anyone else's babies hate grass??
Copeland didn't want anything to do with it!

Happy Easter!
We hope you all had an amazing (and warm) weekend!

Product Review: Sweet Ruby Binky Blanket

Oh my, I have got the greatest product review for you today! 
Sweet Ruby has the most amazing pacifier blankets and clips!

They are perfect for baby shower gifts, new mamas or your own little one!

When Copeland got his in the mail, it was love at first sight :)

I've been wanting to get him one of these for a while and 
am totally in love with this one c/o Sweet Ruby

Not only is it so well made, but it is made out of the softest Minky fur. 
Um, can I get one in my size?!
It is so comfy and soft and the perfect size for Copeland to hold onto in his 
car seat, stroller or to cuddle with at nap time. 

Oh and I can't not mention this genius button binky attachment!
Yep, she also has these available for us mamas who love the MAM paci's 
or any other button binky!

You know what this means?
No more searching for a lost binky!

April, owner of Sweet Ruby, was incredible to work with!
She can custom anything for you and has great communication along the way!

But really, how cute is this lumberjack Minky binky blanket??
Copeland loves feeling the softness of it and it keeps him comforted at nap time :)

Check out Sweet Ruby on Etsy HERE
On Instagram HERE
and Facebook HERE

I promise you and your babe won't be disappointed in her products!

Freshly Picked Giveaway!

You guys I am so beyond excited about this amazing collaboration 
that is happening with Freshly Picked Moccasins!

 I am such a huge fan of baby moccasins and when 
this cute bag arrived on my doorstep the other day I was so giddy!

I've heard so many great things about Freshly Picked
and everything I've heard is true!

From the amaizingly soft and subtle leather to the quality in which these little moccs are made.
They are perfection wrapped in the sweetest little printed bag and I can't wait to buy more!

The fringe is the perfect length, the leather is buttery soft, warm and flexible 
and the greatest thing, the elastic sides are perfect for easy slipping on and staying on
your littles ones feet!

I've already put these little cuties into Copeland's Easter Basket :)

To check out all the amazing color options and to purchase your pair of Freshly Picked moccasins
Click Here

And Freshly Picked is so nice enough to giveaway a pair of their moccasins 
to one lucky winner!!! You get to choose whichever color you'd like! 
And oh boy do they have lots to choose from! 
Good luck everyone!

This post is sponsored by Freshly Picked
all opinions are my own

Make sure to use an email address where I can contact you, if you win! 

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Finding My Femininity

Oh man, the sexiness, or should I say lack there of, in motherhood.
It's a dirty, messy, full time job. 
It's crawling on the floor, changing dirty diapers, food in your hair, leaking milk on your shirt kinda job. 

It's the best! Really! It is.... But.... I miss my femininity. 
It's been 7 months since having Copeland and I still feel so unsexy
So blah. 
Like such a ... Mom

Before I had Copeland and it was just Josh and I. 
The two of us. I got ready everyday. 
That was my hobby. 
I loved makeup, hair products, clothes and being feminine. 

It was fun for me. 
I loved wearing cute bras and undies and having a great smokey eye with big bombshell hair.
I felt sexy and girly and like such a mrs.       If that's a feeling :)

But now, it's harder to get that side of me to come out and play. 
It's putting myself before my baby. 
And that seems so selfish to do. 
I'm putting that fun part of me away. Or hiding it. 
So where is the balance?

Even on the days I go all out, and pass up doing the laundry
because I'd rather get dolled up for the husband.
It's hard to feel sexy when you're husband comes home to you sitting on the couch,
with a little babe attached to one of your boobs and and a big wet circle on your shirt
over the other. Because let's face it, wearing a normal, cute bra with a nursing babe
is just not happening. At least, not for me. 

Maybe becoming a mother, you get a new kind of femininity.
But whatever it is, I just want to find it.
Maybe I'm just in desperate need of a cute nursing bra, 
a flirty nighty and a good spray on tan. 

All you mamas out there, how did you find your femininity again? 
Did it ever go away for you?
Where's the balance in being who you are and being a mother?

Okay, I couldn't pass up putting one of my favorite songs on here, since it's so fitting :)