Mom & Baby: Spring Break Must Haves

I totally left out my new favorite product!
St. Tropez Self Tanner Mousse

It's amazing!
But I will probably get the darker one next time.
I like a good, dark color :)

Oh! and make sure to buy the mitt to apply it with :)

Happy Spring Break!

Sensory Play: Treasure Basket

So I am learning very quickly that Copeland is very much more interested 
in the things I have in my hands than his light up, singing, noisy toys! 

So naturally I turned to Pinterest to find some ideas on playing with a 6 months old baby.
Since obviously his light up fake phone is not cutting it. 

I gathered lots of information and learned about Montessori & Reggio.
A method of play that revolves around imaginative play, artistic expression and free play
with the use of natural materials and natural toys. 
No lights, speakers or batteries. 

So I went to the dollar store and got a few things I thought Copeland would find interesting. 
I bought different textures, colors and materials. 
I bought things that would be safe for him to play with.
(with supervision of course)
Things he would probably normally want to play with if he were to see me using them everyday. 
(sponges, spoons, loofah, water bottle,bows, measuring cups, etc.)

I want to continue adding to his treasure basket, which I plan
to put in the playroom, once it's finished, in an easily accessible spot on the floor
so he can get into it whenever he'd like to.

We tested out some of the things last night and he LOVED it. 

You could see it in his eyes that he knew these were not the typical baby toys.
These were things that mommy and daddy use in the home. 

To find more about this amazing kind of play and to get ideas on building 
your own baby treasure basket CLICK HERE

Our Daily Routine

Copeland is now a 6 month old baby!

It has been the craziest, best, happiest, sleepless past 6 months of my life 
and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have gotten a lot of emails about what our daily routine is so 
here it is for everyone who has asked :)

*our schedule is not anything special or great, just what we have found works for us :)*

We have had to change our schedule/routine around a couple of times 
to figure out exactly what works for both Copeland and I. 
And I'm actually in the process of starting a new schedule for my now 6 month old babe. 

Here is what we were doing from 4-6 months

Wake up: 8:00 am and nurse (in bed)
Go back to sleep until 10 am
Get up and nurse again 
Lay Copeland down on play mat or put him in the bumbo while mama makes breakfast
Play with toys, sing, dance, read, etc from 10:15-11:30/Noon

Around this time is when Copeland starts to get super fussy and tired. 
We go into his room, close the curtains and turn on the sound machine
I then nurse him while rocking him and singing him to sleep.

I then will put him down in his crib with his binky and he usually sleeps until about 1 or 2

This gives me time to sleep, clean, get ready or just sit and relax for an hour or so :)

He wakes up and then we kinda start over. 
I nurse and then play while I make lunch and we play again for about 2 hours

I put him down for a second nap around 5/5:30

He sleeps for about an hour and is up usually when Josh gets home at 6/6:30

This time Josh will usually play with him while I start on dinner.

After dinner, Copeland goes down for another nap at about 8
He wakes up around 9:30, I nurse him and he hangs out with us
while we watch tv or if it's bath night we take a bath until about 10:30
Then I nurse him again and he usually goes back down (in our bed) at about 11 for the night. 

He has been waking up every couple hours during the night until just recently.

So this is our new schedule that we are working on now...
Everything is pretty much the same during the day except our nighttime routine has changed. 

Our new nighttime routine is around 8:30/9 I will feed him pureed food
then take a bath, get our jammies on and read a bedtime story before I nurse him again to sleep 
and we have started putting him in his crib.
He has slept from about 11:30/Midnight until about 6/7 am!

My fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that this stays!
It is ever changing but we try to stick to some kind of consistent schedule :)

I hope that helps everyone who has emailed about our daily routine!

To See Copeland As A 6 Month Old Baby & More California Pictures CLICK HERE!

6 Months & Pictures

My baby is 6 months old you guys! 
He is the biggest cuddle bug and loves to be held ALL DAY LONG.
I think it's making him lazy because when he is on his tummy, he rarely
even attempts to try and move around. He just looks at us like "really, pick me up now."

But he's pretty cute and we adore the heck out of him!

There have many times when I think about the happiness he has 
brought into our lives and get all sorts of teared up. 


- He has his two bottom teeth -
- Can sit up -
- Can roll over both ways -
- Will put anything and everything in his mouth -
- Loves looking in mirrors -
- Is ticklish under his arms, on his neck and on his inner chunky thighs -
- Oh and has the CUTEST squeal/laugh -
- Loves pureed squash and apples -
- Loves baths -
- Has been on an airplane twice -
- Loves when mommy and daddy dance -
- Babbles non stop -
- Will not take a bottle. He likes it straight from the tap - 
- Is one cool little dude - 

I guess I need to start planning his 1st birthday because from the looks of it
6 months goes by in the blink of an eye!


Oh! and here are few more pictures from California I found!
Take us back!

I got a taste of what summer will be like with a babe this past weekend 
while in California and I can't stop dreaming about it.

Warm sunshine walks, green grass parks, birds singing,
Coppertone baby sunscreen (does anyone else have a weird obsession like I do for this stuff?)
and farmer markets of course! 

all images via pinterest feed

bring on the sunshine, my little dude is so ready for it!

Mini Vacation: Orange County

This past week we decided to hop on a plane and head to Orange to see my dad. 
My dad had a voucher for 3 tickets for Southwest so me, Josh and my mom used them
because when you get free plane tickets, you don't turn them down! 

Copeland did AMAZING on the plane. 
I was so nervous he would freak. 
But nope, on the way there he just passed out before we even took off ha!

He woke up on the decend and was SO happy! 
He was flirting with the flight attendants and the ladies who were sitting behind us.
He is always smiling at the ladies :)

We had a layover in Vegas since we were flying into Orange County and not LAX. 
It was a nice break from the plane so we walked around, got some dinner 
and played with toys while waiting for our plane. 

oh, and took lots of pictures :)

Back on the plane and Copeland loved looking out the window!
His eyes got so big and his jaw dropped. 
It was pretty cute :)

We finally arrived at the hotel around 10 pm. 

It was beautiful! 
Coepland passed out as soon as we got into bed and slept all night! 
He was pretty tuckered out.

The 75 degree weather was so amazing!

The inside of the hotel was incredible!
Waking up to this every  morning was not hard at all ;)

Copeland was pretty content whole time. 
We tried to keep his napping schedule in mind. 

We would wake up around 8, go to breakfast in the hotel 
and come back to the room and get ready around 10. 
I would nurse Copeland before I got ready and then put him down for a nap. 
This made for a much happier babe :)

I'm pretty sure he loved the weather too!
Being outside everyday was so nice :)

Thursday we headed to Rodeo Drive for lunch. 

We ate at a cafe outside and just people watched, which was quite entertaining 
and then walked up the road and went in a few stores.

Oh and of course we had to get some cupcakes too, in honor of Valentines!

This was the first time we have put Cope in an upright position in the stroller and he LOVED it!
Such a big boy already :)

Rodeo was nothing like I imagined but was definitely an experience. 

That night we drove down to the Santa Monica pier to watch the sunset and got some corn dogs and fries :)
My favorite. 

My little nakey babe :)

Nap time at the hotel

Friday we drove down to Huntington and got lunch at Dukes on the beach and did a little shopping. 
It was such a beautiful day!

Love my parents :)

Shopping in Huntington. 

Even though it cooled off in the evenings we HAD to go down to the shore
to watch the sunset. 

Saturday morning we got and headed to the Orange County Swap Meet. 

And that night we went to dinner at The Lazy Dog.

Mirror selfies with my little ham :)

We were dying to go to Disneyland but figured it would be a mad house 
on Valentines weekend so we went to Downtown Disney to get some ice cream instead :)
I cannot wait to take this little guy to Disneyland someday!

Wiped out baby :)

Love my dad. 

Yep, I totally pigged out :)
I regret nothing. 

Early morning swim sesh. 

My little man, getting ready for Balboa Island. 

Nap time again :)

Sunday before we left for home, we made a last stop at Balboa Island for shopping and lunch :)

It was the perfect day!

Copeland was cracking everyone up in his sunnies :)

We had the best time and traveling with a little babe was much easier than I had anticipated. 
Copeland did amazing the whole time!

But if I had to share some advice, this is what we did and what seemed to work for us. 

- Arrive to the airport early. Walk around, bounce, jump, play with the babes. Do diaper changes and everything before you board. Once boarded, I started nursing and by the time we were in the air Copeland was asleep :) On the way home he did wake up during the flight so I had his favorite stuffed animal close by along with a couple other small toys and the iPad with his favorite baby apps. 

- Try to plan around nap time. The days we were out during nap time were harder because Copeland was so tired, rubbing his eyes and fussing. Thankfully it takes an hour to get anywhere in California due to traffic, so he would get a nap in during the travel time, but it was much nicer if he were able to nap in the hotel room. 

- We really didn't need half of the things I brought for him. I had toys, too many clothes and about 5 blankets! Yes, I'm a new mom and had no idea what to bring. We used 2 of the blankets, 2 of the toys and didn't wear half of what I brought. 

- Bring onesies!!! I don't know what happened but I totally spaced this. I brought 2 onesies and so I had to wash them because he had a blow out twice. Ha! 

- Have fun and enjoy yourself! Don't stress over the little things and safe travels! 

In 3 weeks we will be traveling by car to Vegas, which will be a completely different experience!