Graco Stroller Review

So here is my review for the new stroller I got!

Don't mind me and the fact that I need to get my hair done asap!
I'm still a bit nauseated :(
But enjoy!!!

A quick side note that I did not mention in the video.
You do not need any kind of car seat adapter for any of the seats!
Everything clicks right into place on the actual stroller frame or toddler seat!

A HUGE plus :)


I've been thinking more and more and actually putting
things together on mood boards for baby nuggets nursery!

First we'll start with a baby girl nursery...

Lots of peaches, golds, whites and pinks :)
Classic, fresh, and clean!
I also think some navy blues would look nice mixed in!

and a baby boys nursery...

Golds, mints, navy's and black
for a white, clean and classic look with a bit of modern touches. 

Come on February!
I can hardly take it anymore!!!

Summer Pregnancy.

I'm soo happy I get to be super pregnant during the summer!

Summer is my absolute favorite season ever.
If I could, I'd live in Arizona and just bake in the sun all day :)

Plus summer is just a happy season!
Winter has always made me somewhat depressed and blue-ish.
So being pregnant and having a summer baby is going to be awesome!

From what I've heard, being pregnant, means being hot! Like really hot!
Which kind of worries me because I'll probably be getting pretty big and pretty hot
during June, July & August. But I've always been one that needs it
to be about 90-95 degrees outside for me to be just right. Anything below 85
degrees and I usually will want to wear a light sweater.

I'm hoping I'll stay the same so I'll be comfortable during my
7,8 & 9 months in June, July & August :)

And I really can't wait to try and come up with some fun summer
style for my ever growing bump :) That might be a challenge but
hopefully a fun one! I'm thinking bright pinks, aquas, whites and
other fun, bright colors, hi & low skirts, colored skinnies, and lots
of other fun summer things :)

Bring on my summer belly! I'm ready!

Sometimes This Sucks.

I seriously don't feel like a normal person
and haven't for the past 2 weeks.

I feel bad for complaining because I feel so blessed
that I'm pregnant and can't wait for this babe to get here,
but my gosh. Sometimes this really sucks.

Although I wouldn't consider my morning sickness
to be extreme. My sister had extreme, whole 9 month,
puking everyday morning sickness. And I definitley don't
have that, but I've thrown up a few times and seriously
am nauseous from sunrise to sunset.

When I'm not limping around at work, I'm curled up on
the couch with a thousand blankets and pillows propped everywhere.
My poor husband. I'm constantly telling him how sorry I am
for not getting ready, for not wanting to do anything and so on.
I just don't feel like a normal person!

I also have absolutely no appetite. I got my appetite back for about
a day or two, and now, gone! I can barely swallow a few crackers.
I'm just not hungry, but man, my stomach is yelling at me for food about every hour!
When I finally eat, I just want a couple bites and then I feel
completely fool! What in the world is this!? This isn't me, I'm the one
that can usually out eat my husband and now this? I was not expecting
pregnancy to be like this. I was expecting it to be rainbows and butterflies.
I thought I'd be on cloud 9 for the whole 9 months! Haha I'm such a sucker.

My nausea gets really bad right before bed which sucks!

So I have found a little solution to this nausea which doesn't
stop it completely, but dulls the nagging feeling for long enough
that I can try to sleep.

It's called Acupressure.

Here is a quick video of one of the acupressure points to relieve nausea.

There are also the bands in which she demonstrates
and I found some cute ones at Walgreens!

And! There is also an app that has a ton of different acupressure points
to help with all aspects on pregnancy.
The app is called Preg Comp (Pregnancy Companion) and it is
under the wellness button. Oh and it also has pregnancy yoga poses too!
It's a pretty helpful little app :)

And one more thing! One of the ladies I work with gave me these chips last night
to help with my nausea and they are seriously AMAZING!
They are made with all natural ingredients like Flax, Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa and Brown Rice!
They seriously taste great and are super healthy and gluten free!
I think you can get them at Walmart and Costco!


I seriously can't stop thinking about little babes nursery!

I am so excited to finally be able to start on it.
The only thing I can really buy at this point is
books and some little toys.

{{ My must have books for the little one are,
1.The Giving Tree
2. Goodnight Moon
3. I'll Love You Forever
4. Corduroy (this was one of my absolute favorites growing up)
5. The Tale of Peter Rabbit
6. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
7. Are You My Mother?
These are books that I adored as a child and so I have to get them for mine! }}

But come mid-February things are gonna get real :)

I called the fetal studio and they told me I only have
to be 14 weeks to find out the gender of this babe
with their 3-D high tech stuff... which means we can
find out on Valentines day! But we are going to wait
until week 15 so we can be absolutely sure that they
can see everything perfectly :)

I'm so so so excited!!! For whatever this little nugget turns out to be :)

Josh still thinks it's a girl and according the the Chinese
gender calender, he's right!

Only 4-ish more weeks!
And then we really have to start thinking about a name :)

I've already started dreaming up nursery themes, colors, etc.
Trying to decide if I should stick with the classics or do more
modern items, with clean lines, whites and pops of color.

Yay for baby!

9 weeks

I was way too sick to even think about spending an hour
drawing and writing on the chalkboard, so week 8 is skipped.

Here is week 9 :)

How far along? 9 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: About a pound.
Maternity clothes? Only wearing my maternity leggings so far, because they are soo comfy!! Thanks mom!
Stretch marks? Nope, I've been body buttering it up!
Sleep: I STILL want to sleep all day everyday
Best moment this week: Finally feeling a little better
Have you told family and friends: Yes!
Miss Anything? Sunny side up eggs :(
Movement: Nope
Food cravings:  Sunny side up eggs and ice cream. YUM!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still just mens cologne.
Have you started to show yet: I think I'm just bloated.
Gender prediction: Josh still thinks it's a girl. I still have no idea.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but nauseous
Looking forward to: Buying a stroller this week!

Here's another picture because I felt so good today and was in a goofy mood :)

7 weeks

I was debating whether or not I wanted to do a chalkboard tracker
since it;s become extremely popular!

But I figured I have this whole giant chalkboard wall in my office
so I might as well do something fun with it :)

How far along? 7 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: None
Maternity clothes? I've bought 3 maternity shirts for summer when I'll be a little bigger :)
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: I want to sleep all day everyday
Best moment this week: Christmas shopping with Josh & buying baby it's first Christmas present!
Have you told family and friends: Not yet! Just our parents :)
Miss Anything? Sometimes I crave soda, but I'm trying to be strong and not drink any
Movement: Nope
Food cravings:  The thought of food makes me sick. But I do crave sorbet.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Almost every smell possible makes me sick. Especially every man wearing cologne. 
Have you started to show yet: No
Gender prediction: Some days I'm convinced it's a Boy, and others I think a girl. So I'm obviously confused. 
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy most, but super needy sometimes haha, poor Josh. 
Looking forward to: Telling all our friends and family on Christmas day!

THE one.

Josh and I went to check out Gracos newest stroller model.

The Modes Click Connect stroller and it is amazing!

And I have the sweetest mother who is going to buy it for us
as our baby present gift next week and I can't wait to get it home!!!

So why is this stroller so great?
This is like the stroller I've been waiting for because
1. It is all black, which is something I really wanted. I just think black is so classic.
2. It can go from infant carrier to bassinet to toddler seat.
3. It has a HUGE canopy/sunshade
3. It has a ginormous basket, it seriously can hold tons and tons of stuff
    and is so easily accessible!
4. It has a tray + 2 cup holders for momma and toddler.
5. Every seat adjusts to either face the front or face me,
    which was really important to me :)

Okay so I was looking into getting the Mamas and Papas Luna stroller
but it's more expensive and doesn't have half the stuff the Graco one has!

I'm soooo happy I waited because at first I was convinced the
Mamas and Papas stroller was the one I needed. But my mom was
the one who told me that I would want to have a cup holder, a large
basket, a toddler tray and so on. I think she is so right and can't wait
to get this stroller! It doesn't have any reviews yet, since it's
pretty new so I hope it's as amazing as it seemed when I tested it out :)

Am I crazy for buying a stroller so soon!?
And any opinions on Graco before we buy it?

baby love.

As time goes on I'm getting more and more excited
for this little baby!!!

I'm more excited on the days where the morning
sickness is calmed and then on the days where
morning sickness is super intense I just want to die
and don't even want to think about nurseries or
anything related to babies.

Today and yesterday have been pretty good though
and I've been really excited! I can't wait to start the
nursery and start painting and to finally find out what were having!!

We're thinking about doing an early 3D/4D
sonogram to find out the gender a few weeks
earlier than normal because I honestly can't wait!!!
Josh is convinced its a girl :)

I've also been reviewing more strollers and am hoping I feel
well enough tomorrow to go out with
Josh and check out Gracos newest model
which seriously looks amazing!

Ohh this is all so fun and pretty over whelming!
And even though I'm not due until August,
I can't stop thinking about the baby shower :) I love a good party
and can't wait to help my sister plan the summer shower :)
My mom mentioned having a sip n' see which I think would be so
fun but don't know with all the germs and what not.
Has anyone had one or gone to one? Thoughts?

So many exciting things are dancing in my head and we are
already soo anxious to meet our little babe :) :) :)

The morning sickness is still lurking around and my emotions are crazy!
I cry everytime I see any kind of baby commercial or anything to do
with babies on tv. It's so funny... I always try to hide it from Josh
because I feel so dumb but then I really start sniffling and we both start laughing :)
Like tonight, a subaru commercial about a dog and a baby totally got me.

Oh pregnancy! I don't ever want to forget any of this :) It's kind of a lot of fun :)

Prego Symptoms: week 5-9

This post is mainly for me to remember how I felt 
during this first trimester. 
Kind of like a journal entry I guess :)

So I found out we were pregnant in week 5 and the only symptom
I had after that was ├╝ber sore boobs! Like really sore!

It hurt to sleep, it hurt to put on a bra, take off a bra, it hurt when I
would accidentally bump them, it hurt when Josh would forget they
hurt and would grab them throughout the day (tmi?) well this is real life
and they seriously really hurt!

When week 6 came along they didn't hurt so much anymore and I really
didn't have any other symptom that indicated I was pregnant other than
the no period thing.

And then week 7 happened.

And it was fine until about halfway through when the nausea kicked in and
it stayed with me morning til night. This was the worst! And again my boobs
became ultra sensitive and sore, even more so than the first week!

I was so hopeful I wouldn't get morning sickness, but I do remember wishing
for an indicator that I was indeed pregnant. So be careful what you wish for :(

In week 8, I got the flu and found out from my doctor that I have a tipped uterus
which was why I honestly had the worst lower back pain of my life. Josh
literally gave me back massages every hour, it was horrible.
I couldn't sit for too long, stand for too long or really do anything. I was miserable
that whole week. After I got over the flu, I had even worse morning sickness than
week 7 and here we are in week 9 and it hasn't really let up too much.

The one symptom however, that has been with me since the beginning of this
pregnancy has been my through the roof libido! Crazy right? I honestly felt like
a 15 year old boy! Sex was and sort of still is the one and only thing on my mind.
I wanted it every second of the day and I was starting to drive my husband nuts!!
I was driving myself nuts! I couldn't have a conversation with him that didn't get
turned into sex somehow. Everything I said had a sexual inuendo or pun! It was ridiculous!
During week 7 when the nausea kicked in, is when the sex kinda took a back seat,
but would still poke its head up every once in a while to remind me it was still there.
It's seriously ridiculous :/ Once I got the flu though, it was out. which I was very happy about :)

I also have been breaking out like I've been working at pizza hut and shoving my
face in greasy pizza. Every damn day I wake up with a new zit. There is an entire
colony on my right cheek! Seriously? Will this ever stop :( I've never had bad skin in
my life and I will never take my zit free skin (if I ever get it back) for granted again, because
this is seriously the worst. I'm praying it won't leave scars.

So far these are my pregnancy symptoms. They all suck and I already hate being pregnant and
I'm hoping that I will start feeling better once I hit 12 weeks, but I'm told it will all be worth it at
the end of these 9 months :) Yay for baby Jensen. August come soon!!!

And if anyone has any advice for morning sickness or yummy foods that you liked
(since most things taste or sound awful) I would love the tips or tricks :)

The Amazing Years.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
The mother never existed before. 
The women existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new.

Josh and I have been married a little over
3 years! And honestly they have been the most
amazing 3 years of my life. I adore my husband!
More than adore, I'm obsessed with him!

And after 3, almost 3 1/2 years... As you may have already seen...
My eggo is totally prego.
My husband knocked me up!
And I am totally terrified!

I was all about getting pregnant and having a baby just last month,
well I'm sure you all remember. But then just a few weeks ago
I put my foot down and said nope, not ready. Let's wait 1 more year.
We made plans to go to the Caribbean in the spring and do a few
more things together just the two of us before we started a family.

Butttttt it turns out, God had other plans, that didn't involve me being
on a beautiful cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean, sipping
on pina coladas with my husbands abs ;) so here we are.
With this little nug in my belly and here is how it all started :)

While Josh and I were at Walmart,
we walked past the pregnancy tests and I said,
"Hey! I need one these, you know, just to see?"
I honestly thought it was a waste of money,
I didn't feel pregnant or different or anything really,
just about 5 days late. But I'm always late.

Well that night, we get home and I start to run a bath
so that I can do some major damage on Fifty Shades
Freed when I had a to pee and I had a test to take!!

Well I take it, not thinking much about it.
I just wanted the reassurance that I wasn't.

I quickly glance over at that white stick and do a double take.
It was like slow motion after that as the little pink + sign slowly
appeared on the little white screen. I glared at it closer.

No f#%*•ng way! Is this a dud, I look closer.
S#%t, that's a + sign, a dark plus sign!
(i swear a lot in my head sometimes)

Hmm do I run in and tell Josh, maybe I should wait until finals are over?
I was so scared he was going to be mad because we had just decided to wait!
I was seriously so confused I just started crying, laughing and then cried some more.
Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions!

And that's when Josh appeared in the bathroom.
I see his reflection in the mirror, whip around and clasp my hand over my mouth.
I honestly was speechless. I had no words for him.

"You're pregnant?" he said smiling! He was smiling and I'm over here crying.
I just could nod my head and my sweet husband grabbed me in his arms, planted
kisses on my forehead and laughed and wanted to know why I was crying :)

It made me laugh at how dumb I was reacting and how I thought he would be mad.
My husband is never mad, especially never at me. But I was scared.
I can't be pregnant, I have no maternal instincts, I'm still like a child myself.
I pout, whine, giggle at stupid things and like to be the center of my
husbands world and now I'm going to be taking care of something that will
become the center of our world. It just all became so clear and fuzzy at the same time.

After I calmed down a bit, Josh carried me out to the couch in the
family room, laid me down, pulled up my shirt just past my belly
and planted kisses on my tummy, then laid his head there and said
he couldn't wait to hear the heartbeat. I cried some more, seeing
how happy my husband was.

He is so amazing and strong and sees things so clearly.
He is an inspiration!

Anyway, here we are a little over 8 weeks pregnant!
We're going to be parents!
And I would be lying if I said I'm not going to miss the
me and Josh, the couple, the two of us, married life.
Because of course I'll miss it!
But we seriously can't wait for this little nugget to arrive!

And it's so cute seeing Josh so excited!
He is seriously such an amazingly strong and such a beautiful husband to me
and I know that he will be the most amazing and beautiful father.
I feel so blessed to have him by my side + getting back rubs every hour
isn't too bad either :)

Anyway there's the news!
Our Merry Christmas!

We also had a blast telling our parents and coming up
with some cute ideas on how to share the big news!

We orderd some cute "I love grandma" books from amazon
and also did some custom M&M's in red, white and green
with the sayings "Merry Christmas!", "We're Pregnant!" and "Baby On The Way!"

We attached the bags of m&m's to the books and hand delivered them,
to tell them the great news, it was so fun to see their reactions!!!

It became real for me at that moment.
I felt so loved and blessed and it made it that much more exciting!