Longboarding Again!

So Josh, my friend Melissa our
friend Chance and I went and
longboarded Provo canyon tonight!

I've longboarded the canyon before
when I was like 17 with Melissa, but
we always used to sit our boards and go
that way but tonight I wanted to try
standing up (I've always been afraid
of it) but I'm proud to say I DID IT!
Yay! :)

Here are some pictures from the night :)

Longboarding kind of Night :)

So Josh made me a longboard!
He's so crafty :)
He finished it tonight and we
decided to test it out.
Oh and he also made him one too!!!

So here's our little longboaridng trip
around the neighborhood. Enjoy!

After longboarding we hit the gym
and then came home and had
hogi sandwiches and ice cream cones haha
yay for summer nights!!!

July 4, 2011

This July 4th weekend was a ton of fun!
Saturday, we went to my grandparents
house for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks
from the Stadium of Fire.
They have the perfect deck for prime firework
wacthing :)

We ate yummy food, played some board games
with my cousins and then roasted marshmellows
for some yummy smores!

Sunday, Josh had to open the golf course, but
when he got off, we went to see Transformers 3 :)
I like the first 2 a lot better, but Josh loved it!
He wants to buy me a dress like this now:

He's silly :)
After the movie, I think we came home
and made dinner and then went to bed ha...

Monday, July 4!
Josh had a golf tournament :) His favorite thing ever!
For the first 9 holes he rode with his team
and then he told me to come ride with him
for the back 9 :)

I went and got us some lunch and then headed to
the golf course. It was lots of fun and he played
really well! 4 under :)

After that, we came home and got ready to go to
Sugarhouse park for the fireworks! They are so
amazing there and it was tons of fun!!!

He has the most gorgeous smile, I swear!

We had lots of fun this 4th of July!
Now back to weeks full of school,
homework, tests, and work :D