Valentine's Day ♥

Here are some pictures form Valentines Day 2009 :)
This is what i pulled up to on the garage :)
Josh is a Sweetheart!
Going to dinner at Tepanyaki...

After dinner
Camera Happy :D
The pretty roses from Josh ♥
Stretching my limbs :)

The Engagement :)

Well, I thought he was going to prpose in Mexico, but he didnt... he waited until January 12, 2009 and it was perfect!!!
We went up to Salt Lake and went to P.F. Chang's, then to the Jazz basketball game and then up on a hillside that overlooked the entire Salt Lake Valley. He told me how much he loved me and then pulled out the beautiful ring :)

We are getting married on August 1, 2009 :) I am soo excited!!!

My Life with Josh

Josh and I always seem to have fun no matter what were doing :)
This is our life together ...

Baseball Games :)
Camping Trips

Life spent on the Green :)

Snow Days!!!
Hike-Boarding :)
Love Them!
Thanksgiving 2008

Random Days!


But, before we went to Mexico we went to look at engagement rings :) I was soo excited. We went to 3 different jewelry stores but I found the perfect one at serra-west. We started talking about prices and out of nowhere, Josh bought it! I was shocked and so excited! But, he told me I wouldnt be able to see it again for another year!!! That kinda annoyed me, but I was too excited for Mexico to even bother with it....

Arriving in California to Board the Ship... Vision of the Seas :)

Leaving the Dock and heading to Mexico!

Just goofing off while the ship was leaving... So Windy!

He is soo Tough :)

The Cruise was amazing!!! Being with Josh is so fun... never a dull moment :)
We were waiting in line to get tendered into Cabo...

Holding a 30 LB. Iguana... I think he hated his life :)

Taking a break from the sun and getting some lunch...

Lounging around the ship after a long day...

Getting ready for the first Formal Night...

Ready and Waiting for the Amazing food :)


Windy Day at the Beach :)

The Beach again :)

Waiting for dinner one night...

Late Night Adventures on the Ship :)

Puerta Viarta


Josh swimming on the back of 2 Dolphins :)

He loved me ♥

Last Formal Night :(

Leaving The Mexico... Funnest Trip!