Trick or Treating 2017

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! Every year I love to test my craft skills and atempt to make our costumes. Since this year has been a little crazy with getting close to finishing our home and being up there a majority of the days and nights I opted to buy Josh's and Finns costumes and semi make mine and Copeland's. 

I give you our three ringed family circus! TA-DA! 

We had such a blast this year. Finley was so into knocking on doors and begging for candy (like that last picture) that's his "give me give me!" hand grab. Aren't holidays the absolute best with kids?! It's stressful, sure but so worth it! 

Hope you all had the best time trick or treating with your little monsters. Cheers to lots of Reese's cups and Milky Ways!

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