The Modern Farmhouse: Floor Plan, Sneak Peeks and The Exterior Lights!

This past weekend, Josh's brother, who is a licensed electrician, was so gracious enough to install our electrical. This saved us $6,000 just for the electrician fees. We have another $1,500 budgeted for light fixtures. So all in all we have quite a larger budget to use for upgraded light fixtures if need be. I'm still kinda shocked at how much it costs for an electrician to wire a house. It would have cost us much more than that as well because every room we wired we ended up adding in either more lights, outlets, and/or sconces. I had to make a few trips to get more wire and canned lights. It looks so good though! We kept joking about how "lit" it is going to be. So many lights!

we're all a little excited as we're getting closer to moving in!

Speaking of, we finally picked out our exterior lights and I'm so excited about them because they are so unique, in my opinion. I haven't seen any house with this color of light. We partnered up with Barn Light Electric and decided on These Lights. We opted for the raw copper color and they are gorgeous and huge!! I can't wait to get them installed against the white brick and wood garage door!

Barn Light Electric was so incredible to work with as well. I worked with Betty Lynne and she was so helpful in picking out the right light. I was able to send her our home design and she helped in decided on the size of fixtures. Their customer service is the best!


I swear I've shared this before but I still get asked a lot about it. One of the most frequent questions I get asked about our home is how we decided on the floor plan. This is something that is a HUGE deal, obviously, when building a house. Once you send the plans into the city there's really no turning back, unless you have lots of extra money laying around ;)

Josh and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to build a rambler/ranch style home. After living in our first town home which had steep stairs, we knew we never wanted to deal with them again. I hated forgetting something upstairs and having to go up an entire flight of steep and narrow stairs to get my keys, sweatshirt, or whatever it was that I had forgot.

When we bought our first home it was a rambler and we LOVED the layout. It was just so nice to have everything on one level and we loved the open concept of it.

The Design Process
When Josh and I decided to start designing the layout we knew three things.
1. We wanted at least 3 bedrooms with additional growing room in the basement.
2. We wanted the boys to have a separate bathroom than that of our house guests.
3. We wanted more living space in the kitchen and family room areas.

We searched every floor plan website out there only to be disappointed by our search results. We didn't love anything and we knew designing a home and using an architect could be costly. We were set on finding the perfect pre-designed plan. One that we could just purchase the blue prints for, but like I said that was becoming less likely the more time I spent on these websites. We would find a plan and love everything about but this one space, or that one room, etc. we didn't want to put in the time or money into building something we kind of loved. This is our forever home, as of now ;) We plan on being here for a very long time. We wanted something we would love forever.

One plan we found we loved everything about except for the way the boys bathroom was laid out and the fact that it had a formal living room. We had a formal living room in our starter home and it we never used it. Like ever. It became a storage room for us. So we ditched the living room and took that square footage and put it back into the kitchen, dining and family area. Once we had a pretty good rough draft of our plans we finally decided we needed an architect to get the footings and roof line figured out.

Like I've said in past posts our architect was amazing to work with! He helped us eliminate dead spaces, fixed the staircase to the basement so that it made sense and would be a beautiful feature to the home and added a ton of storage closets throughout! Once we got our layout narrowed down we sent the plans into the city.

So here we are today. Our home is entirely framed out and insulation went in this week! Drywalling is up next! Along the framing process we changed lots of things in the interior of the home like
1. Adding archways into openings of hallways and making doorways taller than standard size.
2.Switching tub, showers and toilet placements to make more sense.
3. Switching closets and pantries, island layout, and cupboard layouts.

I think my biggest suggestion to someone building a house is add more space haha. I'm kicking myself for not adding just 3 more feet onto the back of the house.

Also, don't let your builder just do what they want. You're paying for a custom home so make it custom. Something I wanted so badly but was talked out of it by our architect and builder was a large front porch. They said it would look funny being that large and running across the entire front of the house but it's something I wish I would've put my foot down on. The cost now to go back in and add footings, re-bar and a porch is insane! If we would've added it to the plans, it would've been practically nothing.

Also make sure you know have a pretty good idea of what you want when heading to the architect. Make lists, take pictures. etc.. We have gorgeous views of the mountains from our backyard so windows were super important to us. We decided to put in large picture windows in the dining room but now going through the house I wish we would've done what I originally was thinking about and add 3 windows side by side to give the house more character over just installing plain picture windows back there. Stick with your gut and do what you love.


And now for a sneak peek into the design of the boys bathroom. I've been back and forth on this design for SO LONG. Like we should've just hired a designer because I'm getting to the point where I'm questioning everything I'm picking out.

But as of last week we've decided to do the boys bathroom and the half bath in shiplap. The finish work is ordered which means no turning back now! To our surprise, this is only costing about $300 per bathroom for both product and install. Totally worth it because when we installed shiplap in our last house it was a major pain in the tush. We're planning on it being painted black in the boys bath and white in the half bath.

 The tub/shower surround in the boys bathroom will be white subway tile with white grout and we are going to go with matte black fixtures both in the tub/shower and vanity. We originally were thinking gold, but matte black makes more sense here. We will be using gold accent pieces in the sconces and bathroom accessories. The flooring will match our wood floors but be wood looking tile and we're trying to decide if we should do a herringbone pattern or not? Still up in the air on that one! As for the vanity, we're also still deciding on a color. Part of me wants to just stick with plain old white but then part of me really wants to go dark hunter green with a top mount white sink. Josh thinks it will be too moody and dark but I kinda like that! Opinions?

We just got in those beautiful wood towel hooks that I ordered from HERE.
The black modern wall hook can be found HERE.
The huge oversized mirror is from HERE.
Black tasseled towel can be found HERE and the concrete "brush" holder HERE.
THIS is the sink we're thinking about and faucet can be found HERE.

Okay last update for now. Remember how I really really wanted a Dutch style door as our entry door. We honestly went back and forth on this for at least a month, if not longer. We decided on a dutch door but we sort pf too too long and for the Dutch door to be custom made it would have put a hold on the progress of the exterior. I was so bummed! We decided to do a traditional entryway door BUT we're putting the dutch door inside the house. I'll share whereabouts in the coming posts but it's going to be so nice for what we plan on using it for!

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