Let's Avo-Cuddle!

We are so sad to see summer coming to a close. It's very bittersweet. Summer is my season and I feel like it's swept in and out within the blink of an eye. We are so ready to move into our house though and that is making it a little more sweet that we're closing in on October. 

We'll definitely miss being outside all day and enjoying the warm sunshine. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, the winter months magnify that tenfold so it can be very scary as the nights become darker sooner. However, a couple months ago Josh and I decided that we'd stash some money away from all of this house building business to take a trip with my mom, sister and nieces to Maui this winter and we are all counting down the days. (Just a side note, I owe so much to my husband. He has been so supportive in helping me become mentally healthy. This trip was his idea and he's just truly my rock. If you don't have a family member to confide in, check with your insurance provider to learn about talking with a therapist or even finding facebook support groups. It's so important to have a good support system.) 

Okay, now back to where I was... It still seems so surreal that I get to experience that beautiful place with all of the people that mean so much to me. It truly feels like a dream! 

The past month we've all been on the hunt for some swimwear and since most stores are making way for winter inventory we've found some killer deals! My favorite by far has been this Mott50 Avocado one piece which is, you guessed it, currently on sale! Not only is it freaking adorable! But it's perfect for being out in the sun all day as it offers 50 UPF! Plus! Mott50 doesn't just offer swimwear but they also have an entire clothing line. It's pretty awesome. Skincare is so important to me, especially when it comes to the sun. I'm all about the faux tan! And if I can get even more protection by way of my clothing, I'm all about it :) Oh and they also offer adorable UPF swimwear for kids. Check it out here.

Do you have any winter travel plans? Josh and I rarely, if ever, travel during the summer. But come winter we're all about it!  

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