The Modern Farmhouse: Half Bath and House Update

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I feel like I've been trying to be as prepared as possible when it comes to have narrowed down my design picks for the house. Yet somehow I'm still scrambling to make a decision when asked to make one. This past week the plumber came and plumbed out the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. After going back through the bathroom with our cabinet guy, we decided to do a floating vanity in the boys bath. This means the plumber needs to come back out and reinstall the plumbing to go through the walls vs up through the floor.. This got me thinking a LOT about the half bath. 

Here is a rough draft of the half bath. It's definitely not to scale haha. Anyway, there is a linen closet in the bathroom, then, the sink and toilet. Originally we were thinking pedestal sink. Then we started thinking about a cabinet vanity sink but the thought of that butting up to the linen closet just felt too smooshed for my liking. The bathroom is about 10x5.5. the space they have for a sink is 40" wide. Last night while browsing Pinterest as one does when it's late at night, I saw a bucket sink and just knew that's what we should do in this half bath! It wouldn't take up much space and wouldn't feel heavy or overwhelm the small bathroom. So far we are LOVING #2, #4 & #5. I really like the idea of 4 because it sort of has it's own "counter" to set soap on and whatnot but 5 is stunning with the contrasting colors. We also love the simplicity of #1. We have a little longer to think about it but it's hard trying to choose! You don't want to buy one and then not be in love with it when it comes time for the install. I'll let you know which one we choose in my next post.

Okay now onto some house photos and some thoughts on the design thus far...

Josh, his brother (who is a licensed electrician) and their dad are all installing the electrical over the weekend. Each week gets closer and closer! There have been so many people helping us along the way to build this home of ours. We're so lucky to be able to save a lot in doing some of the manual labor work ourselves which in turn saves us thousands and thousands of dollars. Without the sweat equity we wouldn't be able to do the upgrades we're planning on. So far we've saved nearly $13,000. We're hoping to save another $15,000 with some of the interior work we're planning to do! 

Some things we've upgraded so far have been to add 8 foot tall doorways opposed to the standard 6'8" height. With Josh being 6'4" and me 5'8" there's a pretty good chance of the boys being tall and the 8' height of the new doors looks so much better! This was a cost of about $70 a door. Not too bad but it added up quick!

If we choose the #5 sink, that will be another upgrade since that is quite the hefty price tag. 

When it came to exterior we knew right off the bat we wanted black windows against the white house. We also wanted a stained wood garage door for contrast. After seeing the cost on both we came to a compromise and opted for white windows and decided to invest in the stained wood garage door. The dark windows would have been an extra $1,700 and they would have been a dark bronze, not even black steel (black steel was WAY more!!. When it comes to the garage door, Josh is good friends with the garage guy we're working with so we will be getting that at a discounted price and saving nearly $3,000.) We're thinking it will really stand out among the white brick exterior. So putting money into that just makes more sense for us. I also cannot wait to show you the exterior lights we ordered from Barn Light Electric so stay tuned! They are going to add so much character to the exterior!

Starting to add the roof. 
Roof is about on. 
Waiting for porch to be poured and gable, pillars and shed roof to be framed.
A little of the interior. 
This is from the kitchen area looking out to the family room. 
From the kitchen looking to the backyard. My favorite thing is the double French doors leading out back.

We will be taking more photos today so stay tuned! 

Pair Up with JCPenny

Copeland is starting his first year of preschool in just a few short weeks! I know it's cliche to say, but honestly where does the time go? I remember considering putting him in preschool this time last year but just really wanting one more year with him home all day with me. We decided not to put it off any longer and have officially enrolled him. We started getting school clothes and he got a new backpack filled with his school supplies. He's ready to go, although I'm not quite sure I'm ready for this stage in our lives. 

During this back to school time where we have been getting everything he needs for school, I heard about the Pair Up with JCPenney campaign and it hit my heart pretty hard. The Pair Up campaign is such a great cause and I'm so lucky I get to share it with you guys! 

This back-to-school season, JCPenney is asking customers to Pair Up with JCPenney to ensure all kids have the basics they need to succeed. From August 1st through the 15th, for each pack of kids' socks or underwear customers buy, JCPenney will donate a pack to the Y to distribute to kids in need, up to 750,000 pairs! 

Across America, many kids in low-income households do not have enough socks or underwear to wear to school. This weighs so heavy on my mama heart. I actually wanted to film me talking about this for my YouTube channel but every time I went to read it, I would start crying. I can't imagine the emotional impact of not having these basic items can have on both parents and children. 

In addition to the Pair Up donation campaign, The JCPenney foundation is making a $1M contribution to the Y to help close the academic achievement gap by supporting afterschool and preschool programs! 

So mamas, let's help out these families in need! Head to your local JCPenny and let your kids pick out their favorite character underwear and/or socks JCPenney will donate a pair as well! 

Thank you all for reading! This campaign means so much to me.

Park City Host & Photo Dump

A couple weekends ago we were able to stay at the most darling town home in Park City, The Modern Ski Home. I honestly always forget about how much I love it up there. It's only about an hour drive and once you get there you feel like you in another state all together. It's tucked up high in the mountains and the little ski town is very quaint but with plenty to see and do, although we loved just getting up and lounging around the house. 

We were so graciously hosted by Luke of Park City Host (find our exact rental HERE). He was so kind to meet us there and show us around, letting us know if we needed anything at all, he was only a phone call away. 

The first night there we headed straight for our favorite place, Main Street Pizza & Noodles. We sat outside so that we could people watch and enjoy the fresh air. If you head there, skip on the appetizer garlic bread and go straight for the pizza or noodles. We usually do a create your own and all share a large. After dinner we strolled for a minute and found ourselves at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, of course. Everyone there came for the ice cream, but we came for the coconut haystacks and chocolate covered gummy bears. HEAVEN! There are a ton of art shops that are fun to look through and there is a free trolley that will take you up and down the historic street. Once the sun set we headed back to the town home which was only about a five minute drive and headed up to the rooftop private hot tub to relax before bedtime.

LOLing so hard at this photo of Finn following the lady in the reflection with this facial expression!

The following day we met up with some friends to hit up the Alpine Slide, get some lunch and eventually dinner. We all headed back to the town home for some hot tubbing and games. The Park City Host home we stayed in was stocked with great games like Cards Against Humanity and Settlers of Catan. It was a night full of laughs for everyone!

Thank you so much to Park City Host for the wonderful and having us!