The Modern Farmhouse: Kitchen Accessories

We have started framing guys! Well technically, lumber has been delivered and we're framing next but still! They say within 3 1/2 weeks we will be ready to wire electrical. It's very exciting as each day passes knowing we are getting closer to moving into our new home. I think I've mentioned before that everything we own, besides clothing, is in our storage unit. While living in my grandmas basement, we're very lucky that it is set up like an apartment. We have a kitchen, our own entrance, bathroom, etc. It's completely furnished which is so nice but also so hard. It's hard not having your things. I'm constantly going to get "that one thing" only to remember that it's packed away in a box somewhere.

I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite old and new kitchen accessories that I actually did end up bringing with us to make this place feel like home for the next few months.

Recipe Box. 
I love this little tin box! I bought it for myself for Christmas last year, I believe and I've been slowly adding my favorite recipes to it. It's quite large and can fit a ton of recipes! Plus it's super cute to leave out on display.

Pop Up Sponges. 
I discovered these little cuties last year on Amazon and they are the freaking best! They come small and compact so they are easy to store. Once you get them up, they pop up into a sponge! They are my all time favorite sponge and the only kind I buy now. They come 12 in a pack so they last quite a while.

Utensil Canister.
I actually packed this away and am so wishing I had it with me, along with favorite utensils found HERE. My grandparents basement has a few utensils but I'm so missing my silicone ones.

Colorful Washrags.
I just ordered these and I'm already obsessed! I will say that I'm nervous to wash them because the poms might fall off, but the rag itself is very plush and thick. Super absorbent! HERE is the other option without the pom poms. I just thought the poms were super fun and cute!

Berry Basket.
I ordered this berry basket after we moved out of our old house, so I have it here with me and I really love it. It's very aesthetically pleasing and does it's job of holding my fruit.

Cutting Board.
Okay, obviously a cutting board had to make it in my list of kitchen accessories. It's must! And this is pretty so it wins :)

Some other things I wish I would've packed with us.

These Pots and Pans. They are my favorite and I'm so missing them right now.
My Utensils, like mentioned above.
This Little Catchall Basket. Catchalls are my favorite things in the kitchen. You should see part of our kitchen counter. Crap everywhere.

I also wanted to share an updated house plan with you all! We had to actually flip the house due to a water/sewer drain. I'm not exactly sure, but Josh said we could either run it under the concrete driveway, which would only suck if it were to bust later on in the future because we'd have to end up tearing up our driveway or we could just mirror the house.

We decided to mirror the house. The red writing on the plan are things we are still changing. Our architect has been incredible! We sent him a few things to change and move around two days ago and he already got us back the plans, and of course I found more things to change. But it's coming together so nicely. We are anxiously awaiting the walls to be put up so we can get a feel for room sizes. Going out to the lot this past week since they've poured the basement floor kinda had us worried that the home may be a bit too small. I mean, we were never going for a huge house to begin but definitely want something comfy for two growing boys. Who lives in a 2,000 square foot home? Is it just the right amount of space? Too small, too big? Our last home was a little over 1,000 square feet so this should feel a lot roomier. It just looks so small on the lot. Pretty sure our house is the smallest on the block haha. But my gosh, I'm thinking it's going to be very charming and cozy!

Summer Time Heat

As a lot of you know, we are currently living in my grandparents basement while our house is finished being built. We are so beyond grateful to be able to live here and save money on a rental. It's been great, aside from the fact that all of our stuff is in storage. But it's been especially nice since it's summer because we are hardly home during the day. We try to be outside as often as possible, although the 95 degree heat kinda puts a damper on that. But better 95 degree weather than freezing in my opinion! 

I put together a fun summer bucket list for us and the kids. I made a list mainly to help myself be more organized haha! I'm going to print this off and hang it on our fridge! You're welcome to do the same :)  My goal is to do at least one of these activities weekly.

popsicle art via twindragonflydesigns / pineapple art via thejoyofcolor / tent artwork via cornercroft
tiedye shirts via weheartit / flamingo art via deckleandhues

The Modern Farmhouse: Front Porch Hangs

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Something that we will probably furnish first, although silly to some, is our front porch. I'm so excited to create a warm and welcoming area out there. The exterior of the home gives you that chance to share your personality to everyone who drives by! Josh and I love driving around checking out homes together. I love seeing how people decorate their front porches because it gives me an idea of how their home is decorated. Okay that sounds kinda of creepy haha. But I swear there is nothing more fun than driving by and seeing the cutest front porch, it just makes the whole house stand out!

Something I actually saw on Pinterest was these photos ^ and I died. I think would completely set the tone for our modern farmhouse. I haven't always been a fan of these swinging chairs. I thought they were a little too modern and pod like for my taste, but seeing them in these settings I LOVE them! Plus in all the times I've driven around I have yet to see a house with them on the front porch. So it would definitely catch the eye. I love that they used blankets, pillows and layers to make the areas a lot more cozier as well. If you missed this post where I share a little bit of detail into the exterior of the house. What do you think? Think it would fit in well? 

The Modern Farmhouse: Exterior Lighting

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Good morning! I'm excited to share another update with you all on our home build. This past week has been busy and is only getting busier as we are quickly approaching the weekend. Our contractor sent his crew out to form up the foundation walls (yay! any progress is great progress!). They removed the forms this morning and are going back tomorrow to spray the foundation. From there, Josh, his brother and a few guys he works with will dig a trench for the electrical conduit and get our electrical panel set up and tied into the home. Since our city no longer allows temporary electricity we had to do this step sooner than anticipated. Luckily Josh's brother is a licensed electrician. We are extremely grateful to him for helping us out with all the electrical that we will be doing throughout the home building process. We will be saving nearly $5,000 doing this ourselves!!! I'm excited to get a babysitter so that I can help the boys shovel and rake rock which will be used as a filler and base for the concrete basement floors which will poured next week. So much is happening this week and it's all exciting and very exhausting. Gotta love that sweat equity ;)

We have yet to get our budget breakdown and selection calendar from our contractor but Josh and I have been busy making lists and pinning ALL THE IDEAS. If you live in Utah, you're probably familiar with the Parade of Homes. If not, this is a fun yearly event where builders and designers create beautiful homes of all kinds. The homes are available to the public to walk through and gain design ideas, meet builders, contractors, subs, etc. It starts this week and we are so excited to be attending this year to get our creative juices flowing. The past years we've gone have been strictly to see the huge homes. Seriously you guys, I'm talking 10,000 square foot homes with bowling allies, indoor swimming pools, huge saunas and exercise rooms, etc. Insane homes. This year I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the more modest homes for some budget friendly ideas :) I'm going to be sharing our walk through's on my Instagram stories so stay tuned!

As our home build keeps progressing I feel like my mind keeps a changin'. I think we've finally settled on outdoor light fixtures and the verdict is gooseneck lights. Depending on the style, I feel like they will fit in nicely with the overall modern farmhouse vibe and be a classic feature for the years to come. So let's get into our top picks...

1. Short Arm Gooseneck. I really love this one. I like to think of it as literally short and sweet. It would hug the home nicely and not overpower the other exterior design aspects like the wooden beams, metal shed roof and black framed windows. This particular light comes in a variety of lengths, sizes and colors. 

2. Classic Black. There is something I really love about the classic black gooseneck light. I feel like it will always be timeless and will really pop off the white color of the house. 

3. A Pop of Color. Again with some nice color popping :). Do we dare go bold with hunter green light fixtures? I'm kinda digging these and really feel like they would add a nice welcoming touch to the whole home. 

4. Minimal White. These are less than $45 and also comes in black. I love that they have a high and short neck but I think it would be too much white on the exterior. 

5. Mixed Elements. This is by far my favorite. We're really hoping we'll be able to afford copper gutters but if not, I think these copper light fixtures would be a pretty good second choice. They are stunning and I can just imagine how beautiful they will look adorning the white exterior. 

What's your favorite? Do you like the goosenecks? What would you do?