on my doorstep

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Okay, let's be real... these are things I wish were on my doorstep. A girl can dream, right? A couple things I have actually ordered and really do love are the Baggu resuable bags. I bought two of them via amazon and LOVE them!!! Seriously totally worth every penny. The levi's are also a must. If you caught my Instagram story a week or so ago I talked about how much I hate looking for and trying on jeans. I ordered these after reading lots of great reviews and recommendations and am so happy with them. I also purchased the Posies&co scrub and body/hair oil and am in love with both! They smell heavenly and when I actually can sneak away for a long hot bath (maybe like once a month) it makes it that much more worth it. I can't wait to try the Jersey Bounce shampoo from Lush. I loved the Big Shampoo. It's pricery for shampoo but totally worth it! And every good wish list includes a good pair of shoes, right?

Happy almost weekend guys! We're off to Copeland's Itty Bitty Ball and he gets his team picture today. Seriously, I'm so proud of him. This is what being a parent is all about. It's so amazing to watch your kids flourish! 


Ewa Macherowska said...

Perfect jeans!


Olivia DiTomaso said...

Love the denim!