Hello Sunshine

dress & here Similar one here / shoes sold out- similar style & love these & these  / purse- similarnecklace 

I told Josh that my soul needs the sunshine. I was made for the summer heat. He told me we better not build a house here in Utah then haha. We had a brief moment of reconsidering this whole thing. Jumping in the Nissan, taking our profit from the house we just sold and moving to the coast. Seriously I'd do it in a heartbeat if it weren't for both of our families living within 30 minutes of us here. You never know what the future holds though. Maybe someday my mom and sister will end up following Josh and I to Texas or California.

Out in the sunshine is my happy place and I'm so happy we are coming up on Spring. I suffer terribly from the winter blues. It crushes me like 1,000 bricks. January/February in Utah is the worst you guys. I'm so happy we got through it and now we've got sunshine to look forward to (maybe with a little snow mixed in somewhere). But for now there is sunshine and blue skies and Josh and I celebrated with iced chais and cake pops! We also have been listening to this song on repeat.

Oh and we officially closed on our house  almost two weeks ago! Holy gauc! WTF. We both never thought we'd see the day. We are absolutely terrified, nervous, and excited. Even though we are both coming up on 30 years old we still feel like a couple of kids playing house at times.

Anyway, I'm blabbering on. What I wanted to talk about today is a new book I recently ordered through Amazon. This is not sponsored it's just a great book that has totally helped me out of my wardrobe funk. I feel like after each pregnancy I've totally lost myself in motherhood and that includes losing my personal style. Your body changes so much that you really don't fit into your old clothes so you're kind of just stuck with the over sized clothes in the back of your closet, right? Well I've had it up to here! Haha but really, it totally stinks not feeling like yourself because you don't fit into anything that use to define you. Clothes really are so personal and help show people you. So the book I ordered is THIS ONE and I loved it!!! It has helped me look at clothes in a whole new light. I use to just buy things to buy them because they were on sale, they were the latest trend, etc. Now I actually look at the piece and decide if it's something I truly love. If it fits me well and if it's a classic piece (classic to me, not classic in the terms that "style gurus" define as classic since classic can mean many things to different people.) The book also helped me find my new personal style (everyday feminine), something I feel like I completely lost after I had Finn.

I really recommend the book if you are stuck in a similar situation and need a closet detox. And just know that detoxing your closet doesn't happen overnight, unless your a millionaire, of that I would be majorly jealous! I would assume that it will take me about a year or longer to rebuild my dream closet but it will be totally worth it to have pieces that fit me perfectly and are my exact personal style. You can check out my dream curated closet on my Pinterest board HERE


Ewa Macherowska said...

Beautiful! :)


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

My soul needs sunshine, too! And I'm with you-we bought a house in may and I still feel like we're kids just pretending to be adults. LOVE that dress!