House Update

Hey guys!

I wanted to give anyone who is following along with out house and home build a quick update. So I can't exactly remember what the last update was so I'll start here by saying we got an offer on our house within like a day or two of it being listed. It was a full cash offer which was amazing and everything was going perfectly except... The woman who made the offer actually made the offer on behalf of her mother who lived out of state and had never seen the house. So fast forward a week to the inspection and this was the first time the woman was actually walking through the house... with the inspector who was obviously pointing out everything little thing wrong with it #facepalm. Also, double face palm. Her realtor got the time mixed up so when I had a knock at my door 2 hours BEFORE the inspection, I was still in pajamas, washing dishes and Finley was napping in my room on the unmade bed. How's that for a first impression of your new home haha

Needless to say, she backed out and we went to the second offer which is a full price offer but they will need financing. Which means the home now needs to be appraised. Inspections happened this week and all was well! We're paying a little bit in closing costs to help fix some of the things that really did need to be fixed (crack in the driveway, a couple electrical outlets) BUT we are SOLD! Well okay, we do need to get through the appraisal next week but I think it will go great!

Having the first lady back out was a huge bummer. We found out two days before we were leaving for California so it kinda was a big kick in the butt. However, we are so excited for the new couple that is buying the house now and we are super excited to be able to stick to our timeline of breaking ground on our home build in March!

We have one more meeting with our architect (I keep changing my mind!) and then we will send in the plans to the city for our permits. I'm still planning on writing a post talking numbers and I'm so excited to show you guys the floor plan and exterior! For now I'll just leave you with this mood board I created of the exterior so you can get an idea of what we are going for.

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