Happy Valentine's Day

I'm so happy we were able to spend one last holiday in our home before we move. I love Valentine's day! Of course, Valentine's is all about your about your sweetheart but it's also all about love and Josh and I love our babies so much! Growing up my mom and dad always did something special for me and my sister on Valentines. My sister and I would get a rose, a big box of chocolates and a little stuffed animal. I wanted to carry on that tradition I grew up with for my boys. Only I really wanted a way around the huge box of chocolate part of it to switch things up a bit. 

I thought these GoGo squeeZ printables would be perfect! Both of my boys are obsessed with applesauce, but I mean really, who isn't? It's so yummy and the perfect snack. GoGo squeez makes it so easy to download and print off the paper wrappers. Just cut them out and either tape them or use a glue stick to stick them to the pouches. They actually have lots of fun crafts and activities found here. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Have so much fun celebrating this holiday all about love!

thank you GoGo squeez for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.