Cleaning Up with Dyson

This weekend has flown by! As you may have saw in my last post we listed our house right before the weekend and we got three offers on it by Sunday. We accepted a full cash offer and are officially under contract. If all goes well we will be out by the beginning of February and break ground in March (after the snow clears). 

Once Christmas ended and we really had to get the house in tip top position and I knew that would be no easy task with two littles running around. Getting ready for showings scared the crap out of me! Every time I'd have one room clean and ready Copeland was in the next room spilling a glass of milk or dumping out a basket of toys I had just put away! The one thing that was the most frustrating was having to get my old vacuum and/or broom and dust pan out every thirty minutes to vacuum up the crumbs from anything that I gave to Copeland or Finn. At one point I just left our vacuum plugged in the family room right up until we had a showing and hurried the kids into the car and quickly vacuumed the rug, wound the cord around it and stashed the vacuum in the closet.   

Once I got our Cordless Dyson V8 Absolute, vacuuming the carpet and laminate floors was a dream! The suction is amazing and I really love that it picks up every little piece of dust on my hard floors. It's so compact that stashing it in the laundry room is easy and grabbing it without having to unwind and then wind back up a cord is so nice! Just being able to grab it and go is great with all the messes the boys make. I honestly can't say enough good things about this vacuum you guys!

Getting the house cleaned and ready to go for someone else is such a weird feeling. Packing up our bedrooms and going through old things I find has been so emotional but we are ready for this next adventure and next chapter in our lives. I'll be sharing more info after we meet with our architect so if you'd like you can subscribe to my blog through Bloglovin (click on the icon on the right!)

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Monica said...

Dyson is the best! Congrats on your full cash offer so quick!