My Curated Closet

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I'm so excited about today's post! It is not sponsored, it's just something that I've been really looking forward to talking about here. So if you remember this post from a little over a month ago, I talked about This Book and how I was really digging it! Fast forward to now and it has completely changed the way I shop.

A little bit about The Curated Closet. It's a book/guide written to help women find their personal style and to put and end to the over buying that we do in hopes to have something to wear. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to my closet each morning and ended up in sweats because I really dislike everything in there. I was a huge fan of buying cheap and buying excessive amounts of clothes but nothing in my closet made me feel good, sexy or beautiful.

After reading and using the techniques in The Curated Closet I've almost transformed by wardrobe into a place where I love everything and every piece fits me and my personal style. I'm still cheap AF haha and a total bargain shopper (which is why I rarely use Reward Style). Buying things at full price is not something I like doing so I will almost always wait for things to go on sale. There a few pieces that I've bought at full retail though, of course, but for the most part I only shop the sale sections of my favorite stores. My favorite sale piece so far was a dress I found during an Asos sale. Originally $150 and I got it for $40!

Moving on... One of my favorite parts of the book was defining your personal style and naming it, then recognizing your own color palette. It goes beyond what every "style guru" claims are basic/staple pieces/colors and helps you create your own basic/staple pieces for your lifestyle.

I named my personal style Everyday Feminine. I love soft colors, delicate fabrics and feminine cuts. I also am a mom though so my wardrobe has to work around my everyday life of laundry, dishes, running errands and changing diapers.

My color palette is pretty neutral. This was another thing I loved doing though! Finding the colors that speak to you and not going by the books. I've always tried to go out of my comfort zone and buy bold pieces. Those pieces usually end up in the back of my closet and a huge waste of money. Recognizing what my color palette is and sticking to it (even if it may be boring for some) has helped a huge deal in loving every piece I own! My color palette consists of my three main colors; white, blush and denim. My neutrals; grey and black and my accent shades; lilac, coral and pale blue. So bring on all the whites and blushes!

You can look through my Pinterest board with inspiration to My Curated Closet here.

My closet is a work in progress of course. I wish I had the funds to make it over in the matter of a month but alas I have a small budget for clothes at the moment. I feel like I'm finally finding my personal style that I truly love though and I've been so inspired by clothes now where as before I hated shopping and dreaded trying to find an outfit to wear.

One other quick thing that has helped me so much was buying a clothing rack and hanging out my outfits for the week. Being a mom is already makes my days so busy so not having to think about an outfit makes life so much easier!

If you end up getting the book let me know your thoughts!

on my doorstep

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Okay, let's be real... these are things I wish were on my doorstep. A girl can dream, right? A couple things I have actually ordered and really do love are the Baggu resuable bags. I bought two of them via amazon and LOVE them!!! Seriously totally worth every penny. The levi's are also a must. If you caught my Instagram story a week or so ago I talked about how much I hate looking for and trying on jeans. I ordered these after reading lots of great reviews and recommendations and am so happy with them. I also purchased the Posies&co scrub and body/hair oil and am in love with both! They smell heavenly and when I actually can sneak away for a long hot bath (maybe like once a month) it makes it that much more worth it. I can't wait to try the Jersey Bounce shampoo from Lush. I loved the Big Shampoo. It's pricery for shampoo but totally worth it! And every good wish list includes a good pair of shoes, right?

Happy almost weekend guys! We're off to Copeland's Itty Bitty Ball and he gets his team picture today. Seriously, I'm so proud of him. This is what being a parent is all about. It's so amazing to watch your kids flourish! 


Happy Friday mamas! We're heading into the weekend full of smiles and a pile of things to do. I feel like I've found my new one over the past week. My last "momiform" consisted of workout leggings and over sized shirts ha, so this is an upgrade. I'm really embracing my messy mom bun lately. I'll admit I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that getting ready is a thing of the past now that these two little guys are on the move more than ever. Finn took his first steps this week! He'll be quick on his feet in no time which gives me even less time to get ready than I already had, so the mom bun it everyday haha. 

I still want to feel somewhat put together though and I know I'm late to the bodysuit party, but holy smokes! These things are amazing! Like run out and buy some now! I've already bought 5, all from Forever21 because they're cheap but really cute. I've been wearing them with shorts, maxi skirts and my ripped jeans. With two kids in tow, I love that I don't have to worry about them pulling up. Bonus if I can nurse easily in it like this one I'm wearing. To add a bit of glam (hahaha.. glam while being a mom, nursing, spit up, the whole sha-bang, I know) I paired this particular look with some wedges. My usual go-to are my sneakers though when I'm out running errands with these two. And of course, my Nena and Co bag is my favorite for spring and summer. 

Hope you all have the best weekend! We'll be re-arranging our storage unit to make room for some furniture purchases we made last month. I know why the heck are we buying furniture when we haven't even started on our house? You're preaching to the choir... but I can't ever resist a good sale and I somehow convinced Josh it was a good idea so I took it and ran.Wish us luck haha!

Weekend at the Nursery

midi skirt (only a few sizes left) 
similar styles here 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 

favorite striped styles 
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I got lots of questions about this skirt wen I posted to Instagram. I adore stripes fro spring and summer. The skirt is from Asos, linked above but unfortunately they only have a few sizes left. I bought this during the Asos winter sale back in January and have just now been able to wear it because it's been so cold! I wanted to link some other striped favorites for you guys though, again linked above. Just click on the numbers and it will directly take you to my favorite striped pieces :) 

Josh and I are still waiting on the city permits for our house. Fingers crossed we get them on Friday so we can start digging on Saturday. We're all going a little crazy with nothing to do and no projects to work on. We love a good DIY home project. We've been planning like maniacs though, trying to narrow down light fixtures, vanity styles, tile, flooring, etc. It's been a bit overwhelming to be honest. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but now that were shopping around and seeing just how many styles of everything there is I'm second guessing everything. Josh could care less about the design aspect of everything so it kinda falls on me and it's not easy. 

Anyway, does anyone remember the movie Turbo, about the racing snail? Copeland has been hooked lately and we love going outside together to try and find little turbos (snails). - so random haha! 

On top of planning the interior of the house we're also simultaneously planning the landscape of the back and front yards. Holy poop that's really hard! I keep telling Josh can't we just put in grass everywhere and call it good? We do know that we want big shade trees but there are so many species of trees and finding which ones work with our soil, our climate, the way our house faces... it's a lot to go over. Walking through the nursery is always fun. It makes it easier to visualize everything. Can't wait to go over EVERYTHING once we actually start building haha. 

Happy Tuesday!

Easter Basket Inspiration for Babies

^^ a little throwback to Copeland's first Easter 2014 ^^

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love that it's spring and everything is blossoming and coming back to life. I adore all the pretty pastels, getting together on Easter Sunday with family and the fun Easter egg hunts with the kids. I also love putting together something special for my babies. This year is Finley's first Easter! I remember Copeland's first Easter like it was yesterday. It was one of the warmest Easters we've had and I'm hoping this year will be the same. 
I've teamed up with Bitte Shop to share some of my favorites for filling up those little one's baskets. 

1 // 2 // // 4 // 5 // 6
7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

I love the idea of using a cute and practical basket that can be used again as decor in the nursery or around the home. This cute zig zag print one would look adorable with green grass spilling out of it and all these cute goodies stuffed inside! I LOVE that egg bodysuit for Easter breakfast. Seriously, the cutest thing! I always love giving a book for any occasion. Our book collection is pretty extensive because I usually tend to give at least 3 every holiday haha. Bitte shop has a some really great ones to choose from HERE. A stuffed toy is always on my gift giving list for the littles as well. For the babies I like to give wooden toys. Not only are they so cute but I appreciate the natural element of them as well. 

I hope I was able to give you guys some fun inspiration to get you started with filling up those babies Easter baskets. One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to celebrate holidays with our families, isn't it? :) I love finding special things I know my kids will just love. I'll be sharing some inspiration for the toddlers next! 

Float On

I keep joking with Josh that we own so many pool floats we should probably just put in a pool. 
We both love swimming and having fun floats is part of the fun for us and the kids! 
I've gathered up my favorite ones, some of which we already own and some of which I want 
to purchase, like that pretzel!? So cute! And the rainbow float is a favorite! 
Happy floating!

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1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 
8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 

Home Build Update: The Lot and Permits

When Josh and I first decided to build a home it was about this time last year. We first started just rough drafting layouts, doing lots of research on what we wanted and then finally went and got pre-qualified. Once we knew we qualified we stared interviewing builders. We interviewed about 5 before picking one. But one of the questions all the builders had was "where is your land located". Funny they should ask because we didn't have any land. So that's when we started looking. Finding land for our new home was the hardest part so far. This is going to be a home where our kids will most likely be raised in. One where they will start school so we had to take that into consideration. We also had specifics on which way the house faced, location for Josh's work commute, and neighborhood CC&R's. One lot we looked at had crazy rules. One being the front yard grass wasn't ever allowed to get above 2" in height! Which would mean if we ever went out of town we'd have to hire a landscaping company to come mow. Just seemed a bit too strict. We also knew we wanted at the very least a third of acre of land. Taking all that into consideration made the seacrh pretty difficult. When we thought we found the one, we'd call on it only to find out it was sold already.

Finding everything we wanted was hard. It took several months but we eventually found the perfect half acre lot in a beautiful neighborhood with a few CC&r's to keep the neighborhood looking nice and respectable but not crazy strict 😉 Something that the bank and our builder told us was that if we found a different lot we'd have more money to spend on the house but the location of the house was more important to us than making the house bigger since we feel there is plenty of room in the new house and a large yard is what we truly want. After a little negotiating on the lot, Josh got it down from 166K to 163K, not a whole lot of a difference but every little bit counts, right?

Anyway, we put in the offer for the lot and had put down Earnest money. That's when we started praying about the decision to build and when I got a very firm no from the big guy upstairs. It was hard but we listened. At that point our current house only would be listed for $230,000. Which was really great but we decided to put the whole thing on hold for a while.

Some time passed and we came back to idea of building. I prayed again and got a much better answer! We called the real estate agent that morning and he got back to me that night and told me over the past few months the market had gone up and our house was now going to be listed at $250,000!!! So happy we listened to our answered prayers. 

Once we listed our home, we dug out our old house plans that we put up for the last several months and started really reworking everything. Once we got a plan we loved we headed to the architect. He helped us really finish making the house more liveable and it is everything we could have ever dreamt of! I think it's a humble home that will have some personal character. The plans just got finished after about two months of working and reworking on it. They were sent into the engineer a couple weeks ago and we are just waiting on him to approve them before we can send them to our city for building permits.

So I know I've been talking about bringing up numbers for our build and I'm going to talk a little bit about that here and then once we get a final line list from the builder I can talk a bit more of specifics like electrical, paint, etc. . But for now the architect and engineer's fees are roughly $2,500 for the plans/and official stamp. (It helped A LOT that Josh had drawn up our plans on Auto-CAD and that the architect didn't have to start really from scratch as we pretty much knew exactly what we wanted.) That money will most likely be worked into the loan although we have been thinking about just paying upfront for it. The city building permits are $20,000. Of course permits are different for every home depending on lot size, loan size and home size I believe. But for our home we are building on a 1/2 acre of land and our home will be a little over 2,000 finished square feet with an unfinished basement. So roughly 4,000 square feet total finished and unfinished. 

Okay so just a past history on our current house and the process of buying it/selling it because it plays a HUGE role in us being able to build right now. I talked briefly about this HERE. But a little bit more detail...

The top of our budget when we were house hunting 5 years ago was about $190,000. Anything over that was really stretching it for us at the time. Especially because we knew someday I'd eventually want to be a stay at home mom and we'd only have one income. We put two offers in on two separate homes, both offers were rejected and it was really hard emotionally. When house hunting it's super exciting but really stressful as well. It seems like everything you want is just out of budget. When we stumbled upon our current home we put an offer in the second we looked at it. We won the house at $153,900! I look back and still can't believe they chose us. We had to write a letter telling them about Josh and myself -and sent in a picture haha. Worth it!

Anyway. We knew from the beginning that this would be a house only to make a profit on. Everything we did to the house had to stay neutral for potential buyers. When we listed the house we got 3 offers on it within a day! The first all cash offer is the one we accepted but the buyer backed out about a week later. Read all about that HERE. We ended up going with the second full price offer. At the time we closed Josh and I owed $136,000 on our home which meant we profited $114,000. After closing costs, realtor fees, taxes, etc we made about $92,000 on our house.

It's still a pinch me moment! We can't believe we made that much off our little home that we put so much love into. So fast forward to now, our house is sold, we moved out into our in laws home while they are gone for the winter and we are planning on breaking ground sometime this month if all goes well! It's such a scary process and we honestly went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth the whole time until our good friend who works at the bank basically told us to just jump in and do it. It's totally scary taking on a new mortgage but we know it will be worth it in the end. So as soon as we get back our actual line sheet from the builder I will go over a bit more in detail what things cost. Of course this is all based off our budget for the home. A big thing for us was making sure we had enough for a 20% down payment. If you don't put 20% of your total house price as a down payment you'll get hit with PMI which is private mortgage insurance and can be around $200 extra a month on top of your mortgage.

I'm going to be sharing our layout and exterior next so stay tuned!!!

Hello Sunshine

dress & here Similar one here / shoes sold out- similar style & love these & these  / purse- similarnecklace 

I told Josh that my soul needs the sunshine. I was made for the summer heat. He told me we better not build a house here in Utah then haha. We had a brief moment of reconsidering this whole thing. Jumping in the Nissan, taking our profit from the house we just sold and moving to the coast. Seriously I'd do it in a heartbeat if it weren't for both of our families living within 30 minutes of us here. You never know what the future holds though. Maybe someday my mom and sister will end up following Josh and I to Texas or California.

Out in the sunshine is my happy place and I'm so happy we are coming up on Spring. I suffer terribly from the winter blues. It crushes me like 1,000 bricks. January/February in Utah is the worst you guys. I'm so happy we got through it and now we've got sunshine to look forward to (maybe with a little snow mixed in somewhere). But for now there is sunshine and blue skies and Josh and I celebrated with iced chais and cake pops! We also have been listening to this song on repeat.

Oh and we officially closed on our house  almost two weeks ago! Holy gauc! WTF. We both never thought we'd see the day. We are absolutely terrified, nervous, and excited. Even though we are both coming up on 30 years old we still feel like a couple of kids playing house at times.

Anyway, I'm blabbering on. What I wanted to talk about today is a new book I recently ordered through Amazon. This is not sponsored it's just a great book that has totally helped me out of my wardrobe funk. I feel like after each pregnancy I've totally lost myself in motherhood and that includes losing my personal style. Your body changes so much that you really don't fit into your old clothes so you're kind of just stuck with the over sized clothes in the back of your closet, right? Well I've had it up to here! Haha but really, it totally stinks not feeling like yourself because you don't fit into anything that use to define you. Clothes really are so personal and help show people you. So the book I ordered is THIS ONE and I loved it!!! It has helped me look at clothes in a whole new light. I use to just buy things to buy them because they were on sale, they were the latest trend, etc. Now I actually look at the piece and decide if it's something I truly love. If it fits me well and if it's a classic piece (classic to me, not classic in the terms that "style gurus" define as classic since classic can mean many things to different people.) The book also helped me find my new personal style (everyday feminine), something I feel like I completely lost after I had Finn.

I really recommend the book if you are stuck in a similar situation and need a closet detox. And just know that detoxing your closet doesn't happen overnight, unless your a millionaire, of that I would be majorly jealous! I would assume that it will take me about a year or longer to rebuild my dream closet but it will be totally worth it to have pieces that fit me perfectly and are my exact personal style. You can check out my dream curated closet on my Pinterest board HERE

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm so happy we were able to spend one last holiday in our home before we move. I love Valentine's day! Of course, Valentine's is all about your about your sweetheart but it's also all about love and Josh and I love our babies so much! Growing up my mom and dad always did something special for me and my sister on Valentines. My sister and I would get a rose, a big box of chocolates and a little stuffed animal. I wanted to carry on that tradition I grew up with for my boys. Only I really wanted a way around the huge box of chocolate part of it to switch things up a bit. 

I thought these GoGo squeeZ printables would be perfect! Both of my boys are obsessed with applesauce, but I mean really, who isn't? It's so yummy and the perfect snack. GoGo squeez makes it so easy to download and print off the paper wrappers. Just cut them out and either tape them or use a glue stick to stick them to the pouches. They actually have lots of fun crafts and activities found here. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Have so much fun celebrating this holiday all about love!

thank you GoGo squeez for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

House Update

Hey guys!

I wanted to give anyone who is following along with out house and home build a quick update. So I can't exactly remember what the last update was so I'll start here by saying we got an offer on our house within like a day or two of it being listed. It was a full cash offer which was amazing and everything was going perfectly except... The woman who made the offer actually made the offer on behalf of her mother who lived out of state and had never seen the house. So fast forward a week to the inspection and this was the first time the woman was actually walking through the house... with the inspector who was obviously pointing out everything little thing wrong with it #facepalm. Also, double face palm. Her realtor got the time mixed up so when I had a knock at my door 2 hours BEFORE the inspection, I was still in pajamas, washing dishes and Finley was napping in my room on the unmade bed. How's that for a first impression of your new home haha

Needless to say, she backed out and we went to the second offer which is a full price offer but they will need financing. Which means the home now needs to be appraised. Inspections happened this week and all was well! We're paying a little bit in closing costs to help fix some of the things that really did need to be fixed (crack in the driveway, a couple electrical outlets) BUT we are SOLD! Well okay, we do need to get through the appraisal next week but I think it will go great!

Having the first lady back out was a huge bummer. We found out two days before we were leaving for California so it kinda was a big kick in the butt. However, we are so excited for the new couple that is buying the house now and we are super excited to be able to stick to our timeline of breaking ground on our home build in March!

We have one more meeting with our architect (I keep changing my mind!) and then we will send in the plans to the city for our permits. I'm still planning on writing a post talking numbers and I'm so excited to show you guys the floor plan and exterior! For now I'll just leave you with this mood board I created of the exterior so you can get an idea of what we are going for.

Hello Fresh

This is our third time using Hello Fresh because we truthfully love this company. The meals are always so yummy and easy to prepare. Not to mention I'm not the best cook, I try but I'm not great, I love that Hello Fresh helps me get creative in the kitchen with fun and yummy ingredients. 

Finley has finally started to be interested in solid foods. He's not a fan of pureed food so we just share what's on our plates with him and during this lunch cooking session he was going crazy! Screaming, yelling, wanting all the food ha! I tried wearing him for a while thinking that would be the easiest way to cook (otherwise he's at my feet crying to be held) but nope! He loved sitting in his Bumbo helping me out ;)

For lunch I made these turkey burgers and they were so good! I've never been a huge fan of ground turkey but man, the seasonings in this were awesome! 

Hello Fresh is offering $35 off your first box by using discount code DARLING35. I think everyone needs to try it but be warned you will get hooked on how easy meals become after using it :)