Holiday Cards with Minted

You all know how much I love Minted. It's my go to for artwork for our home and around this time of year it's my go to for Christmas cards. I really wanted to get a picture of the whole family but time kind of got away from us and I ended up just taking some quick photos of the boys (which turned out adorable! post coming soon about taking photos at home of your kids) and thanks to minted, made my homemade photo look professional and perfect to send to our friends and family this holiday season. 

I also love the pinboard they are offering to showcase the holiday cards we'll be receiving from our friends and family. Do you guys send out holiday cards? I try really hard to be on top of it because I love when I get them from our friends :) 


Ewa Macherowska said...

Such a nice photos! ;)

Brooklyn Jamison said...

Where did you find your little Christmas trees and those leggings?

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

These pictures are so adorable! Love the card you chose.