Bespoke Post Gift Guide for Him

1. Darts    2. Cedar Socks Box   3. Comb    4. Tie    5. Tee     
not pictured. Cooler 

I swear shopping for men is impossible. I feel like the world's worst gift giver every time it comes to my husband. He's so hard to shop for you guys! I think this year though I'm pretty on top of my gift giving skills for him. I recently found out about Bespoke Post and it's the holy grail of all things men. I was able to get him some things I felt like he needed; the socks box and the comb (he's always taking my brushes and combs :) and who doesn't want yummy smelling socks?) and was able to get him some things I thought he would like; that awesome dart board and the soft cooler. Our cooler is so old and stained and just gross. Josh is the type of guy where if it's not broke, you don't fix it. But.... It's fun to get something new every once in a while. 

If you're having trouble finding something special for the special guy in your life, check out Bespoke Post. They've got some really great and unique gifts! They're also offering free US delivery by December 24 on $100+ orders placed by 1 pm ET 12/21.

Okay now for some silly-ness. :)
Usually the kids are napping or playing in the other room while Josh and I take pictures but today they wanted to be front and center and it was cracking us up! 
Copeland is super interested in learning how the camera works so he asked if he could take the pictures. I set up the tripod and told him which button to press and everything. When he would press the button, EVERY TIME he'd walk in front of the camera just as it was going off.

Josh and I were laughing so hard and Copeland was just completely oblivious, as he should be and it was just the best. The last picture is us giving up on taking pictures and calling it a day haha!


Ewa Macherowska said...

Beautiful photos :)

Kilee Brennan said...

These bottom pictures are amazing lol ��

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

The pictures with the kids are so funny! Adorable!