Fall Cognac

jacket . waffle layering tee . jeans (maternity) . booties . scarf 

5 Things. 

The time change has totally messed my kids up you guys. Yep, the time change that happened last week. The boys are still being affected by it and it's messing up our sleep jam. I'm hopeful that they will get back to their regular sleep schedules because it's not for anyone when they're cranky :) 

I've been taking a little time away from IG and this blog the past couple weeks to get in extra cuddles with the family. Sometimes I let the weight of my world weigh down heavily on me and I need to step back and remember how lucky I am to have my sweet boys by my side. 

Josh and I have been extra busy with our house. Everything is kind of going really fast now. We've met with a few builders and are now trying to decide on the best one for us. We've had our real estate agreement for our lot sitting on the counter for at least a month. The unknown is so scary. Getting ready to build a house is extra terrifying. 

Finley is officially crawling!!! He's been army crawling since 5 months but now he's full on crawling and pulling up and sitting up. I already want another baby. I never thought I'd say those words for a long long time. I always thought moms who would claim to be baby hungry when they in fact just had a baby were nuts. But here I am, one of those moms. 

Bella Ella is my new favorite boutique. I was able to get a couple winter coats from there and am in love! This cognac faux leather is my favorite and for only $40 it was a steal! You guys have to check them out, you'll be sure to want to spend your entire paycheck there haha.