Dining Room Makeover

plant hanger- vintage find / plant stand- handmade 

The one room in our house that was never truly finished was our dining room. It always seemed cluttered and was such an awkward space because of how small it is. As I've mentioned before, our home is very small and tight so making the most of the space is key for us to enjoy it. 

When I first started thinking about redoing this room I knew I wanted to go straight to hayneedle.com. They have everything you could think of for every part of your home! I picked the rug, chandelier and table from there and love how they all came together.

I've always loved rectangle tables that can seat a bunch of friends and family but that's just not practical in our space so instead we opted for a modern white table that fits in with the rest of our home. Since we won't be hosting Thanksgiving anytime soon, the table ended up being the perfect size for our little family. 

I'm trying to be better at adding color to our home so we ordered this fun fuchsia rug and I really do love the pop it brings to the whole space. The dining room, kitchen and living room are all connected so the color really adds a lot to the entire area. 

A couple things that I'm totally in love in the new space are the buffalo print and the letter board. Josh actually picked out the buffalo print. I love when he helps me design a room. It's super rare because he honestly couldn't care less what the house is decorated like but when he does help it makes me so happy! I love that there is something he loves in the space. 

One last thing that makes this area probably my favorite in the entire house is the crochet swing. Since the day Copeland was born I knew I wanted to have a swing in the house. Having it in a common area like the dining room is so much fun!

Do any of you have a small home or small spaces? Our Dining room is about 9' x 6' and I love how the whole thing turned out! It feels much more open and bright now instead of dark, cluttered and dingy. 

a huge thanks to hayneedle.com, minted and letterfolk for helping create this space

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Courtney C said...

Can you come redecorate my house?! I love the light, airiness of it all!