Coffee Dates

sweatshirt / shorts - similar here and here / shoes old but LOVE these ones! / diaper bag 
hat / tee / shorts- similar here 
 swaddle / teether- our absolute favorite! / sunless tanner 

Before we welcomed Finn into our world and it was just me and Copeland, we use to go on little day dates together. We'd go to the park, to get frozen yogurt or head to Starbucks down the street for a little treat and sometimes stay for lunch. Since Finn our dates have been slacking big time. We kinda rarely leave the house unless Josh is with us because I'm that worried and anxious mom who is still figuring out how to maneuver outside the safety of our house with two babes. Things are slowly getting into a groove and so we've slowly been venturing out more and more on our own. 

I'm excited to start taking both these boys on day dates together. They definitely help us with our cabin fever while we I count down the hours until my little slice of heaven, Josh, walks through the door. I keep telling myself "the days are long but the years are short" and ain't that the truth! 

On another note Finn is doing so well you guys! SO so well. I'm working on a post that shares a little bit of the past few months with him since coming home from the hospital. But now that Finn is doing well, Copeland is starting to act out. When it's not one, it's the other right? Gosh, being a parent to two little ones is hard work. Trying to give both them the attention they need while still being a wife to Josh and also trying to find myself again and not get lost in all of it is definitely hard work. I'm getting there though. Very slowly getting there. 

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