Blooming Bath Time

^^must be pretty comfy! He always falls asleep during bath time^^
^sweet daddy^

Blooming Bath / Washcloth (on sale!) / Baby Shampoo / Nursing Maternity Dress (most amazing nursing friendly dress EVER!) 

** I wrote this post weeks ago when Finn was still having such a hard time. I'm so excited to share how things are going currently in a post coming up soon!**

We went and got some Grip Water today you guys and I"m really hoping it will help sweet little Finn. Yesterday was pretty bad. He was unhappy most of the day which was hard. I can't imagine what he must be going through during his screaming cries. My heart breaks every time. 

Bath time however usually always calms him down and he almost always ends up falling asleep. Maybe it's the warm water or the comfy Blooming Bath, whatever it is, we sure do love bath time around here! Our doctor told us though to limit baths because it can dry out their skin. Has anyone else heard this? So as of now we limit baths to once a week (unless we've been swimming or have been outside a lot oh! and Copeland is a different story. That kid needs baths nightly haha!) 

Copeland loves helping me with bathing Finn! He also thinks it's the perfect time to give his dinosaur a bath haha 

// just a little side note before I go, have you heard of or used Blooming Bath? When I saw this at Buy Buy Baby I already had a Puj bath in my cart but I mean really, who wouldn't want to lay on a big soft flower during bath time? I'd still like to try the Puj but Finn seems to really love this little flower. It seems so comfy not to mention It's pretty cute too :) 

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