Alpine Loop

We headed up the canyon to drive around the Alpine Loop this past weekend (along with about 1,482 other families) to check out the pretty leaves turning and it was insanely gorgeous! I get to take some of my girlfriends family photos next weekend so we went to scope out some places. We even decided to make a pit stop at a pull off to snap some family photos for ourselves. Copeland was in heaven running though the fields we found and Finley was just taking the scenery all in. On the way back we decided to head to a local burger joint and get some yummy sliders + fries for dinner. It tuned into a pretty darn good night. 

Also, this fall weather that Utah is having is so nice! I swear in past years it's insanely hot one day and freezing cold the next so we are totally enjoying this 70 degree breezy weather and the fun styles that come with fall.

Haha I had to add in this picture because Copeland was sitting on a log singing "sitting on a log and eaten it chomp chomp! Eatin' it! chomp chomp! Eatin' it!", while Josh snapped this picture of me and Finn. He is such a goof that boy! 

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