3 Things.

1. As much as I hate winter and snow and just wish summer would last forever, I'm actually looking forward to the cooler months so I can wear all the cute fall booties like these, these, these and these. Ughhh.. take all my money! 

2. Josh's company gives him a "spouse appreciation dinner" allowance each month and it's pretty much the greatest thing in the world. This month we went to Top Golf with our friends and it was our first date without Copeland in months.. so many months. Thank goodness for grandparents who love to babysit :)

3. The other night Copeland woke up at 4 am crying about his bum hurting so Josh took him to the bathroom to see what was wrong when I hear Copeland crying about how his bum is hot (diaper rash) so I jump up and get out the diaper rash cream and help him. When I go to tuck him back in bed next to me he looks up and in the sleepiest, sweetest little voice says "thank you mommy. I love you". You guys, I've never witnessed something so touching. It was the first time Copeland has ever told me thank you for helping him without me having to tell him "say thank you" or "what do you say?". I melted and decided right there I want 10 more babies ;)

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