Sunday Exploring with Ocean Spray PACt®

^Cope has the most adorable love/hate relationship with bugs haha^ 


This past Sunday around 1:00 we had this crazy idea to pack up the kids and head to Mirror lake which is almost 2 hours away. We've always wanted to go because we've heard its so pretty! About 4 years ago my cousin, my mom and I made the drive in June and we're pretty disappointed when there was still 5 feet of snow and a locked gate. This time Josh and I made sure to do a little research before we made the kids drive up there with us.

We thought what would be an hour & 40 minute drive turned into a 3 hour drive thanks to waiting in Heber for the Tour of Utah. When we finally made it we were so excited until 5 minutes of being out of the car when it down poured for 10 minutes straight! It was the prettiest rain though you guys + the smell of rain in the mountains is so intense and the best! We all huddled under the tall pines and watched as each huge rain drop hit into the lake. I'm kicking myself for not getting any pictures of it. Once the rain blew over we pulled out Copeland's fishing pole and ate some lunch and spent the rest of the night at this pretty lake.

We did all of this for the Ocean Spray PACt® campaign which is encouraging families to get out and be active. I'm so happy I got to be apart of it. Lord knows how hard it is to get out with a new babe but I think it's so needed for us new mamas. Especially when you've got an active toddler. Getting out as a family and exploring a new place was so fun! The drive wasn't even that bad! I got to sit up front with Josh for about an hour and a half and the last part of the trip I hung out with my boys in the back. We played games, sang songs and made silly faces at daddy in the rear view mirror. We saw lots of deer, found a muskrat and his little home and of course lots of fish!

Just a little more about the new PACt juice from Ocean Spray®...
PACs, or proanthocyanidins are natural elements found in cranberries. By adding PACs to purified water, they've created a truly functional water with the power of 50 cranberries. There are no artificial ingredients, non GMO, it's sweetened by a natural source, 10 calories per serving and color straight from the fruit! And best of all, it tastes great!

My favorite one is the Cranberry Blood Orange, SO GOOD!

So now I'm encouraging you guys, go out as a family and create your own adventure! It can be something you plan or do like us crazies and head out at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday :) Have fun and get exploring!


Alecia Mariana said...

Love this. It really is so hard to get out of the house sometimes with a new baby. Any excuse to get out is a good one, kind of gives us moms our sanity back!


Alecia - La Joie de Vivre

Sarah Beth said...

Oh my goodness it looks absolutely beautiful there! And what an incredibly adorable family you have, I loved watching the video - it made me so excited for the adventures that my husband and I will have with our twins when they arrive! Thanks so much for sharing, lovely!


HelloCopeland said...

Yes totally agree! Some days I'm just about to go crazy so getting out and in a open space like this is a life saver!

HelloCopeland said...

You are so sweet, thank you so much! And yay!!! Congratulations, twins!!? That's going to be the funnest!