Micuna Life Crib

^^ Remember not to leave pillows in crib while baby is sleeping. I was right next to Finn while these photos were taken. ^^

I'm so excited about today's post! We have been really wanting to get Finn an actual crib all set up and ready for him to use. Finn is sleeping with Josh and I in a side bassinet next to or bed but he's quickly outgrowing it. So putting together our Micuna crib was so exciting!

Once we got it all put together (which was so easy!) we put Finn in to see how'd he'd do in his own bed. I was a little worried because for naps I have been laying him on my bed, on the couch or on the floor so I wasn't sure how'd he'd react to a confined area. You guys, he LOVED it! He cried as soon as I let go of him but after I walked out of the room his crying turned into sweet little babbling.

I peeked at him and watched as he just looked around, tried to grab the spindles and eventually turned himself over and fell right to sleep! It has been a real struggle to get him to sleep without me holding or rocking him, so this was pretty dang magical for me. I ran out to Josh all smiley, telling him how Finn just fell asleep in his crib, all by himself! I like to think he knows that this little space is all his. His little sanctuary.

Copeland is pretty excited about Finn's new crib also! He has kept asking when Finn will get to sleep in his room with him so helping us put the crib together and then seeing Finn sleeping in it just made his whole day.

I wanted to share a little info on Micuna and their  Life Crib because we are completely in love with it. First of all, this crib offers complete customization. That was probably my favorite thing. You can choose your base color and then customize the spindle colors from there! All of this can be done on their website with their easy to use customization tool.

Something else that I really loved about this company is that is that they are recognized in the market for the safety and high quality of their products along with superior customer service, Micuna was one of the first Spanish companies to comply with European quality and safety. When it comes to our babies, us mamas can tend to be a little crazy ;) Making sure products are up to such high safety standards was a huge deal for me when choosing a crib.

I also love that all of their products are manufactured with wood obtained from sustainable forests and their coating process is performed with water paint.

You can follow Micuna on Instagram here https://instagram.com/micuna_usa
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YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/user/GRUPOMICUNA
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