Copeland + Finn's Shared Nursery

Okay, after watching this video for the 100th time my heart is a big puddle on the floor. I have so much love for my little family. 

I wanted to share this post a month ago you guys but between a colicky baby, giving Copeland enough attention so he doesn't feel left out, getting our house ready to sell (more on that later), and life, blogging got put on hold for a minute but I'm so excited to be back at it and finally share Copeland and Finn's shared nursery! Although Finn is hardly using it yet at night, we love to spend our days in here reading and playing.

Copeland loves his room so much. Making a room that he loved and that he feels is his own was a huge help in getting him to sleep in there by himself. When he wakes up around 9 am, he will sit in there til about 10 and play with his toys on his bed. It's the cutest thing to sneak a peek at him playing pretend with his dinosaurs. He is the sweetest little boy!

When I started gathering ideas for the nursery I knew I wanted something bright and full of color. When I decorated Copeland's nursery when he was a newborn it was all white with a few things of gold and navy. I loved his nursery but as he got older he didn't really like to be in there and I felt it was the lack of color. It definitely needed a change to match his bright and colorful personality!

The very first thing I ordered for the room was the string ball lights from Bright Lab Lights. They set the tone for the whole room and I based everything off of those. From there it was so fun and easy working with Wayfair and The Land of Nod to decorate everything else! They both offer the cutest and most whimsical decor and furnishings. 

We are currently in the process of selling our house and I know how minimal everything should be for showings but I couldn't take apart Copeland and Finn's room. Everything in there is so special to Cope and it's like his own little haven that he absolutely adores. Surprisingly everyone who has come in for a showing has also loved it! Everyone comments how fun of a room it is! I'm so happy we decided to leave it all decorated and we can't wait to get into our new house and hopefully by putting Copeland's favorite things in his new room, the moving transition will be easy on him. 

Everything found in the room is listed below. If I missed anything, send me an email and I'll get you to the correct spot :) 

A HUGE thank you to, Land of Nod and SewsephineKids!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Green Whimsical Sheet


Tomato Print / Fox Print

Knitted Dog 

Pillows- Good Morning / Lion / Hello / Hello Sunshine / "Copeland" (DIY)

Pom-Pom Curtain / Feather Tie Back

Cow Hide Rug

Rainbow Tuft Basket

Two Tone Basket sold out- Similar HERE

Acrylic Bookshelves

Cactus Wall Hook

Blue Swaddle / Pineapple Swaddle

Sunburst Mirror

Gold Tiered Basket

Colorful Lighted Balls

Grey Swaddle Dream Blanket

Burp Cloth

Plush Tiger Lullaby Mobile

Make-A-Face Blocks

Bassinet (Vintage)

Crochet Blanket (Handmade)

Black Polka Dot Pillow LOVE this one too!

Giraffe Height Chart

Shape Up Play Mat

Green Lounge Chair

Dresser - Thrifted Similar HERE

Changing Basket

Lambskin Changing Basket Cover 

Baby's First Year Memory Book

Round Mirror

Flokati Fur Rug


Kelly Linn Feller said...

It turned out so adorable!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love all the colors! So fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the boys' nursery! It is adorable. Where did you get Copeland's bed frame (I could be missing it in the list). My little boy, Finn :) has a navy and gold nursery and I am feeling the same way that it is a bit dark and we aldo have our second baby on the way. Love everything in this room!

Erica Valentin said...

What a sweet little room! I love those acrylic book shelves!

HelloCopeland said...

Thank you!

HelloCopeland said...

I'm so happy we did all the colors, I was a little nervous because our whole house is neutrals so it was so far out of my comfort zone but I love it!

HelloCopeland said...

Hehe good name! And the toddler bed is something my husband actually built with plans found on Pinterest :)

But thank you so much! You'll have to share some photos of the nursery for your second when it's finished!

HelloCopeland said...

Thank you! Aren't they cool?! We love them!