Micuna Life Crib

^^ Remember not to leave pillows in crib while baby is sleeping. I was right next to Finn while these photos were taken. ^^

I'm so excited about today's post! We have been really wanting to get Finn an actual crib all set up and ready for him to use. Finn is sleeping with Josh and I in a side bassinet next to or bed but he's quickly outgrowing it. So putting together our Micuna crib was so exciting!

Once we got it all put together (which was so easy!) we put Finn in to see how'd he'd do in his own bed. I was a little worried because for naps I have been laying him on my bed, on the couch or on the floor so I wasn't sure how'd he'd react to a confined area. You guys, he LOVED it! He cried as soon as I let go of him but after I walked out of the room his crying turned into sweet little babbling.

I peeked at him and watched as he just looked around, tried to grab the spindles and eventually turned himself over and fell right to sleep! It has been a real struggle to get him to sleep without me holding or rocking him, so this was pretty dang magical for me. I ran out to Josh all smiley, telling him how Finn just fell asleep in his crib, all by himself! I like to think he knows that this little space is all his. His little sanctuary.

Copeland is pretty excited about Finn's new crib also! He has kept asking when Finn will get to sleep in his room with him so helping us put the crib together and then seeing Finn sleeping in it just made his whole day.

I wanted to share a little info on Micuna and their  Life Crib because we are completely in love with it. First of all, this crib offers complete customization. That was probably my favorite thing. You can choose your base color and then customize the spindle colors from there! All of this can be done on their website with their easy to use customization tool.

Something else that I really loved about this company is that is that they are recognized in the market for the safety and high quality of their products along with superior customer service, Micuna was one of the first Spanish companies to comply with European quality and safety. When it comes to our babies, us mamas can tend to be a little crazy ;) Making sure products are up to such high safety standards was a huge deal for me when choosing a crib.

I also love that all of their products are manufactured with wood obtained from sustainable forests and their coating process is performed with water paint.

You can follow Micuna on Instagram here https://instagram.com/micuna_usa
Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/Micuna_USA
YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/user/GRUPOMICUNA
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Back Porch Makeover

butterfly chairs-thrifted | macrame hangin planter- thirfted | other pillows-DIY
black & white rug- walmart (old)

I'm trying hard to remember that the days are long but the years are short. It seems Finn is no where near the end of this crying/screaming phase. We thought he might be last week but nope! He tricked us. I'm trying hard to be the best mama I can for him and Copeland. But gosh, it's been hard and REAL. Instagram has a way of making things look great, doesn't it ;) I love that but I love being able to come here and share the real life struggles. 

We're going in for a second opinion since the pediatrician we took Finn to had no clue and no advice to give other than "it's normal". I personally don't think that a constantly disgruntled baby is normal. I'm changing my diet completely to hopefully help any gas pain that my milk may be causing and I'm really hoping that either a. we'll be able to figure out what is wrong, if anything!, from this new doctor or b. that this period of unhappiness will pass and soon! 

It seems the past few months I've been consumed with being a mother (and for good reason!) but I've been really neglecting Josh. By the time he's home from work my nerves are just about shot and I'm ready to call it a night but I've been trying so hard to not only be a good mom but a wife to my husband as well. I've always told myself that Josh comes first and the babies come second but I find myself quickly getting those two things turned around. 

Some things I've been trying to do lately to make my husband feel like he is our rock is text him during the day just to let him know I think he's pretty dang amazing! I like to let him know how much we love him and how grateful we are that he is my husband and our babies father. I thank him for being so patient as I work my way around juggling two babies and trying to keep a home. Something else we've done recently is get rid of our TV. I know, crazy huh?! I mean, okay we do have Netflix (or are at least borrowing our friends log in, thanks Chase & Brette!) but we're quickly finding that we don't even enjoy watching TV anymore. The only things I seem to watch on Netflix are documentaries, mostly revolving around food haha! But that's beside the point. 

The point I am trying to make is that since getting rid of our TV we've been spending every night in our backyard instead of flippin' through trashy reality shows. For while the back porch was looking pretty dumpy and we didn't really enjoy being out there too much so once we got this Walker Edison sectional set and added a few cute accents from Jade Magnolia Home it's become our absolute favorite place to be. The sectional is so comfortable and big enough for all of us to lounge around on. I love that this back porch feels like an extension of home and how cozy it is now!

We've been BBQing lots more... or going to In-N-Out and taking it home to eat in the backyard ;) We've made countless s'mores and have stargazed almost every night. It's been so needed for our entire family to be able to come out here to our little sanctuary, unwind and get back in touch with each other. We sure are going to miss these summer nights!

OH! I wanted to share few pictures from Copeland's birthday. He turned 3 you guys!

^^ frozen yogurt day date with my mom, sister and nieces^^
Finn was not impressed...per usual 

Sunday Exploring with Ocean Spray PACt®

^Cope has the most adorable love/hate relationship with bugs haha^ 


This past Sunday around 1:00 we had this crazy idea to pack up the kids and head to Mirror lake which is almost 2 hours away. We've always wanted to go because we've heard its so pretty! About 4 years ago my cousin, my mom and I made the drive in June and we're pretty disappointed when there was still 5 feet of snow and a locked gate. This time Josh and I made sure to do a little research before we made the kids drive up there with us.

We thought what would be an hour & 40 minute drive turned into a 3 hour drive thanks to waiting in Heber for the Tour of Utah. When we finally made it we were so excited until 5 minutes of being out of the car when it down poured for 10 minutes straight! It was the prettiest rain though you guys + the smell of rain in the mountains is so intense and the best! We all huddled under the tall pines and watched as each huge rain drop hit into the lake. I'm kicking myself for not getting any pictures of it. Once the rain blew over we pulled out Copeland's fishing pole and ate some lunch and spent the rest of the night at this pretty lake.

We did all of this for the Ocean Spray PACt® campaign which is encouraging families to get out and be active. I'm so happy I got to be apart of it. Lord knows how hard it is to get out with a new babe but I think it's so needed for us new mamas. Especially when you've got an active toddler. Getting out as a family and exploring a new place was so fun! The drive wasn't even that bad! I got to sit up front with Josh for about an hour and a half and the last part of the trip I hung out with my boys in the back. We played games, sang songs and made silly faces at daddy in the rear view mirror. We saw lots of deer, found a muskrat and his little home and of course lots of fish!

Just a little more about the new PACt juice from Ocean Spray®...
PACs, or proanthocyanidins are natural elements found in cranberries. By adding PACs to purified water, they've created a truly functional water with the power of 50 cranberries. There are no artificial ingredients, non GMO, it's sweetened by a natural source, 10 calories per serving and color straight from the fruit! And best of all, it tastes great!

My favorite one is the Cranberry Blood Orange, SO GOOD!

So now I'm encouraging you guys, go out as a family and create your own adventure! It can be something you plan or do like us crazies and head out at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday :) Have fun and get exploring!

Copeland + Finn's Shared Nursery

Okay, after watching this video for the 100th time my heart is a big puddle on the floor. I have so much love for my little family. 

I wanted to share this post a month ago you guys but between a colicky baby, giving Copeland enough attention so he doesn't feel left out, getting our house ready to sell (more on that later), and life, blogging got put on hold for a minute but I'm so excited to be back at it and finally share Copeland and Finn's shared nursery! Although Finn is hardly using it yet at night, we love to spend our days in here reading and playing.

Copeland loves his room so much. Making a room that he loved and that he feels is his own was a huge help in getting him to sleep in there by himself. When he wakes up around 9 am, he will sit in there til about 10 and play with his toys on his bed. It's the cutest thing to sneak a peek at him playing pretend with his dinosaurs. He is the sweetest little boy!

When I started gathering ideas for the nursery I knew I wanted something bright and full of color. When I decorated Copeland's nursery when he was a newborn it was all white with a few things of gold and navy. I loved his nursery but as he got older he didn't really like to be in there and I felt it was the lack of color. It definitely needed a change to match his bright and colorful personality!

The very first thing I ordered for the room was the string ball lights from Bright Lab Lights. They set the tone for the whole room and I based everything off of those. From there it was so fun and easy working with Wayfair and The Land of Nod to decorate everything else! They both offer the cutest and most whimsical decor and furnishings. 

We are currently in the process of selling our house and I know how minimal everything should be for showings but I couldn't take apart Copeland and Finn's room. Everything in there is so special to Cope and it's like his own little haven that he absolutely adores. Surprisingly everyone who has come in for a showing has also loved it! Everyone comments how fun of a room it is! I'm so happy we decided to leave it all decorated and we can't wait to get into our new house and hopefully by putting Copeland's favorite things in his new room, the moving transition will be easy on him. 

Everything found in the room is listed below. If I missed anything, send me an email and I'll get you to the correct spot :) 

A HUGE thank you to Wayfair.com, Land of Nod and SewsephineKids!!!

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Green Whimsical Sheet


Tomato Print / Fox Print

Knitted Dog 

Pillows- Good Morning / Lion / Hello / Hello Sunshine / "Copeland" (DIY)

Pom-Pom Curtain / Feather Tie Back

Cow Hide Rug

Rainbow Tuft Basket

Two Tone Basket sold out- Similar HERE

Acrylic Bookshelves

Cactus Wall Hook

Blue Swaddle / Pineapple Swaddle

Sunburst Mirror

Gold Tiered Basket

Colorful Lighted Balls

Grey Swaddle Dream Blanket

Burp Cloth

Plush Tiger Lullaby Mobile

Make-A-Face Blocks

Bassinet (Vintage)

Crochet Blanket (Handmade)

Black Polka Dot Pillow LOVE this one too!

Giraffe Height Chart

Shape Up Play Mat

Green Lounge Chair

Dresser - Thrifted Similar HERE

Changing Basket

Lambskin Changing Basket Cover 

Baby's First Year Memory Book

Round Mirror

Flokati Fur Rug