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Wow, it's been a crazy week you guys. We've caught some sort of nasty bug and have been trying to take it easy so we can enjoy what's left of summer. And seriously, who gets sick during the summer?! It stinks! Aside from being sick, we've made a doctor appointment for Finn. We're pretty sure he is a colic baby and it breaks my heart. It's been such a trying past few weeks over here. I'm really not sure if colic is something that needs to be diagnosed or honestly what it even is. I haven't done much research other than what my mama friends have told me. 

He cries A LOT. If I can get him to lay down for 10 minutes without crying, it's a victory. He cries non stop for about an hour every night at 9:00. EVERY. NIGHT. He constantly needs to be held. There are some days when I can sort of nurse him to sleep and he'll sleep for 30-45 minutes at a time but as soon as he wakes up he's screaming and fussing. Maybe this is totally normal and it's not colic and we just had it so easy with Copeland. Copeland was a dream baby. He never cried, he'd let anyone hold him and he nursed like a champ. Although I don't mind holding Finn all the time, I can see it starting to affect sweet Copeland. It's hard when he wants me to play cars with him and we either have to listen to Finn scream the whole time we're playing or I have to tell Cope to hold on while I try to make Finn happy.  Its heartbreaking to see your baby fuss and cry and not being able to console them with nursing, rocking, cuddling, anything. It's been pretty hard on me and I've had a few (okay, more then a few) nights where I've broken down and cried right there with him. Those are the nights I'm so thankful for Josh. He can see how broken up I am over it and he'll take Finn out in the family room and just rock with him during his little crying fits, sometimes until 2/3 in the morning. We're hoping that this will soon pass because the small glimpses we get of Finn when he's happy and smiling are magical for all of us. 

On the nights where we can get him to sleep the Owlet Care system has been such a blessing. I'm actually able to get a little sleep myself knowing that the Owlet is monitoring my little guy. I don't think there was anything more scary as a first time mom than not knowing how your little one is sleeping. I remember with Copeland I woke up at least every 30 minutes for the FIRST YEAR just to check on him. Now being able to use the Owlet with Finn I can finally feel okay about falling asleep.

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Enjoy mamas! We're off on a little much needed family stay cation!
Happy Weekend!


Elizabeth Chiaramonte said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sweet babe having colic! That's so hard for sure! We have a 11 week old and we are right there with ya. He has the reflux and colic combo and it breaks our hearts too. He cries every night from 6-10pm :( Hang in there mama, we've been told they grow out of it. I'll keep your family in my prayers that you get through it quickly!

HelloCopeland said...

Thank you so much mama! I'm so sorry you're going through this as well! Praying for you guys. It's so hard. I bet you're just as exhausted as I am, but yes, I've heard that it passes eventually. Let's hope so! ;)

Kaylee Hilling said...

Keep going, Mama! You're doing a good job <3

Kassi said...

We had that with our second until she was 3 months and then it just stopped. Colic calm is amazing... A little pricey but so so worth it. Putting them in a wrap while you play with your older helps a lot. (You can nurse hem while they are in the wrap so you don't feel like you can't give Copeland attention too). Also with her I had to cut out wheat and anything acidy from my diet. I hope that helps! Hang in there! This will pass! ��

Alex said...

I know you probably aren't looking for advice from everyone but I could have wrote this same post. I tried everything with no results but a crying baby. What finally worked for us was giving a probiotic and sleeping in a rock and play. Totally changed our baby.

Labeltronian said...

Thanks for your honesty. I just experienced this with my 4 month old. He was colic and has severe reflux. Took a toll on us. Things subsided at around 3 months and now we have a happy baby boy who smiles all three time and goes to everyone.
Check with dr about reflux and get on the keds. We used gripe water and gas drops.
Hang in there!

Acsa Harper said...

My 4 week old is a happy spitter but there are days when he grunts, cries and fusses and you can tell he's struggling to poop. I've changed my diet but he's still going through it. My daughter was a dream baby too. Once in a while she would struggle with poop and she was 100% breastfed. We tried gripe water they sell it at target and oh my gosh what a difference. Now I'm using it on my son and we've noticed a difference. It like he has tummy aches. Also I take little breaks between feelings to burp him and that has helped a lot. Good luck mama.

Kelly Parks said...

Hang in there sweet momma! Jensen had colic and reflux and was extremely gassy! I held him most always and what really helped me get anything done (or how maybe you could squeeze in some play time with your other little) was to baby wear him. This was great because it gave me my arms and hands to do other things with and kept him happy. I know it feels like in the moment that the crying will never end, but my now toddler is seriously the happiest little boy. As soon as the colic passed, I received so many compliments all the time that we had the happiest baby! Praying for you, hang in there!!

Loving Life said...

Gripe water. Hold that sweet baby vertical as much as possible. My son had colic/silent reflux. Look into it. There is a new bottle out there that might help- you could pump your
Milk into it. I think it's called Barr . We used dr Browns bottles which helped. Once the reflux is helped your sweet baby will feel better. Feel free to email me
I totally know what you are going through

Dawn Overfield said...

Hi I had my daughter in April and from day one I knew something was wrong. She would cry and cry. Never content. I called my mom countless times crying and she kept saying maybe she is just colic. Then one day around six weeks my sister said I think she has silent reflux. I cut diary out it didn't help, we did everything they tell you for reflux naturally nothing, the chiropractor nada. I eventually took her in and they put her on Zantac.. Wow what a transformation. I'm not saying it's that for you or maybe you've gone down that Avenue but it helped us tremendously. Keep up the good work.