Getting Sleep with Owlet

sweater (old) Love this one! / jeans 
 rug / media console (handmade) similar here / mirror 

Wow, it's been a crazy week you guys. We've caught some sort of nasty bug and have been trying to take it easy so we can enjoy what's left of summer. And seriously, who gets sick during the summer?! It stinks! Aside from being sick, we've made a doctor appointment for Finn. We're pretty sure he is a colic baby and it breaks my heart. It's been such a trying past few weeks over here. I'm really not sure if colic is something that needs to be diagnosed or honestly what it even is. I haven't done much research other than what my mama friends have told me. 

He cries A LOT. If I can get him to lay down for 10 minutes without crying, it's a victory. He cries non stop for about an hour every night at 9:00. EVERY. NIGHT. He constantly needs to be held. There are some days when I can sort of nurse him to sleep and he'll sleep for 30-45 minutes at a time but as soon as he wakes up he's screaming and fussing. Maybe this is totally normal and it's not colic and we just had it so easy with Copeland. Copeland was a dream baby. He never cried, he'd let anyone hold him and he nursed like a champ. Although I don't mind holding Finn all the time, I can see it starting to affect sweet Copeland. It's hard when he wants me to play cars with him and we either have to listen to Finn scream the whole time we're playing or I have to tell Cope to hold on while I try to make Finn happy.  Its heartbreaking to see your baby fuss and cry and not being able to console them with nursing, rocking, cuddling, anything. It's been pretty hard on me and I've had a few (okay, more then a few) nights where I've broken down and cried right there with him. Those are the nights I'm so thankful for Josh. He can see how broken up I am over it and he'll take Finn out in the family room and just rock with him during his little crying fits, sometimes until 2/3 in the morning. We're hoping that this will soon pass because the small glimpses we get of Finn when he's happy and smiling are magical for all of us. 

On the nights where we can get him to sleep the Owlet Care system has been such a blessing. I'm actually able to get a little sleep myself knowing that the Owlet is monitoring my little guy. I don't think there was anything more scary as a first time mom than not knowing how your little one is sleeping. I remember with Copeland I woke up at least every 30 minutes for the FIRST YEAR just to check on him. Now being able to use the Owlet with Finn I can finally feel okay about falling asleep.

I'm really excited that Owlet has been so kind as to offer a $25 promo on the system to my readers!
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Enjoy mamas! We're off on a little much needed family stay cation!
Happy Weekend!

Bedroom Refresh with Minted

Blue Floral Dress

If you follow along with me on Instagram you may have seen that we are in the process of selling our house so that we can start building our forever home. We've had a few showings so far (which is insanely crazy when you have two kids!). Anyway, our bedroom was in desperate need of a makeover before we started showing the house.

Josh added this plank wall a few years ago and I've fallen out of love with it until just recently when we gave it a new coat of paint to brighten it up. Now I love it as it adds so much texture to the room and to my surprise that is what people who have walked through the house love most! We also replaced our comforter with a linen duvet cover. Our previous one was about 5 years old and was torn, stained and just gross.

Our room was very mismatched and dingy so I couldn't wait to finally update it a bit (and now I finally had a good excuse to repaint and fix it up a bit). Call me crazy with two boys but I really love white everything. It's so clean and refreshing and as I've mentioned before I have a hard time with too bright or rich of colors. I did decide to add in a little bit of soothing color with the pillows and that beautiful over sized muted cactus print from Minted. It adds the perfect fresh touch to our room!

If you haven't heard of Minted, they are an online marketplace connecting you with independent designers from all over the world and they source their pieces through design competitions. Pretty cool, right? They have the most unique pieces and I can't wait to order more from them!

They are currently offering free shipping on fine art orders with the promo code SHIPFREE so hurry over there and take advantage!