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Hey guys! Are you all as excited as I am for the weekend? I feel like this week has dragged on and we cannot wait to spend two full days with daddy! During the weekdays when Josh gets home from work we usually go out and do something fun and then have Saturday and Sunday to just relax around the house. 

Last night we decided to go get sno-cones and tour the Parade of Homes. Snow cones are seriously a necessary part of our diets during the summer so while we were out we stopped at the cutest little shaved ice shack on center street. Copeland wanted blue flavor and was not happy that it was taking longer than his one second attention span. He definitely has my sweet tooth :)

After sno-cones we went through a few homes in the Parade of Homes. You guys should see some of the houses! We walked through one with a bowling alley and foam pit in the basement, it was madness! Although most of the homes were a little gaudy for our tastes, it's so fun to see all the new designs from builders and gather some of the more realistic ideas for our new home build! We are getting so excited to start the process as we're getting more and more cramped in our little home. Two kids in no joke and with all the baby items around now we are pretty much all on top of each other. 

I'm sure you all have seen our kitchen remodel we did recently did. Well, we still have a couple more things to do and fix around the house before our realtor can come and help get the ball rolling on listing our home for sale. I'm so nervous you guys! How the heck do you show a home when you've got two babies living there?! The amount of toys, baby products and just junk we have is insane! I feel like if anyone were to see our house how it really looks most days they would be running so fast in the other direction. But really, just today Copeland spilled his glass of strawberry milk on our white rug and also decided that a bottle of baby powder is meant to be dumped out on his bed and jumped in. Help! Any advice from past sellers would be lovely :) 


Sierra Frank said...

We just sold our home this past February and luckily I'm pregnant with our second but we did have our two year old! I live in Colorado and the housing market is insane so We only had about 4 days of showings and that was it. I think the most important thing for showings is having a time limit and requesting at least an hour advance notice. For example, our showings wouldn't start till 9 am, an hour after Ava woke up. That way she could wake up, eat her breakfast and we could get out the door before she got into her toys ( if we had a showing that early). Luckily my parents lived down the street so we could go there all day and Ava was able to take her naps. If that's not an option you could always go home for a couple hours and decline showings during that time as well. We stopped all showings at 7pm so we could Ava in bed on time. Another thing that helped was we packed and put away most of the non essential toys and baby things. I'm sure it's more difficult with 2 but we left a few big things out for Ava and some smaller toys that are her go-tos. This way clean up was super fast and easy and our house didn't seem as crowded. Good luck! I hope that helped a little bit!

Sierra Frank said...

Oh! I forgot to mention, if you are in need of a good carpet cleaner, check out Folex. I have only found it in Home Depot or Lowes but it's seriously the best carpet cleaner I have used. There's no harsh chemical smell and it gets everything out of anything

HelloCopeland said...

Ohh that is such great information, thank you! I'm so nervous but yes I'm hoping we'll be able to store his higher toys like his kitchen and basketball hoop thing in the garage or cram then in the cars haha. And Folex is a life saver!!! It works so well, Inatill have a little pink left in the rug but I'll keep working at it and hopefully get it out.

Ashley said...

I love these jeans! I am 5'10" and a little worried they are going to be too short.. even though they are supposed to be cropped. How tall are you? They seem to hit your legs in a perfect spot with the cuff. Thanks!