Sunday Night

The evenings in Utah are so amazing you guys. They sort of make up for the awful winters ;) Last night Josh and I took Copeland to my moms house while we went to take some pictures of our littlest, Finley. I hardly have any pictures of Copeland and myself from when he was a newborn. I hated how I looked after I had him and never wanted my picture candidly taken. I regret it so so much! I wish I would've embraced my postpartum body then.

Finley is exactly 8 weeks old today. He's still so tiny and I never want to forget this stage in his life. The newborn days go by far too quickly and I feel that now with having a second baby I'm soaking up every ounce of it because I know it doesn't last forever.

Josh and I were talking the other day, while listening to Copeland tell us stories about his day, about how excited we were with Copeland to reach every milestone and how we couldn't wait for the next milestone to come. We talked about how now it's different, we want time to slow down, we want the milestones to stay at bay for as long as possible because we want them to stay little forever. Having a second baby makes you realize just how fast time truly goes and that, before you know it, these little babies who relied on you to for life are now getting into the fridge by themselves, they're now telling you exactly how they feel, they're telling you no and telling you what they want. Everyday they are becoming more and more independent.

Last night while we were taking these pictures, Finn started crying out in hunger. I loved the fact that I was wearing this beautiful dress from Vici Dolls. The wrap style made nursing so easy! Josh happened to snap a couple photos and I will forever cherish those.

Here are a few more dresses that I'm loving from the Vici Collection
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Miss Lulu Pearl said...

Oh these pictures are so darling, what a precious baby boy you have! I am loving that dress <3


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This dress is stunning! Love that it's nursing friendly, too!

Erica Valentin said...

I just found your blog via IG! Love it! New follower :) I just now started blogging again after taking a break for a few years!

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