Harper and Bay Nursing Dress

I'm finally feeling up to blogging again you guys :) After welcoming Finley into the world on May 2nd it's been pretty busy getting adjusted to two little babes and trying to let my body heal in the process. We just hit five weeks yesterday and it's all been such a dream!

Nursing this time around has been so different than it was with Copeland. Copeland was so easy to nurse from the get go. He'd nurse for 30 minutes at a time and slept for 3 hours straight. Every. Time. Finley on the other hand is the polar opposite. He wants to nurse EVERY hour and only for about 6 minutes. It's getting better but there were times when I wanted to give up and I honestly felt like my nipples were going to fall off, TMI? Sorry. But nursing is hard! It's hard to get through those first 5 weeks but it was worth it.

I really adore nursing Finn so much! Even more though, I love when I find cute nursing clothes. I'll be honest, when I'm home I'm in my nursing bra and a pair of pj shorts. It's so attractive you guys ;) So when we actually go out It's nice to be able to wear something I feel cute in. I have a hard time feeling cute or stylish when I'm nursing. I feel like I'm always thinking "does this give me easy access?" and the pieces that usually do have easy access are my stretchy not so cute tee's and then there's the nursing bra and nursing pads... but that's a whole 'nother story.

When I found Harper and Bay I was so thrilled! Not only are the dresses dang cute but they are all nursing friendly. It's a genius design and is one of those ideas where you think "why didn't I think of that?". There are zippers where the sleeves meet the dress making it so easy to just unzip and nurse.

This past weekend we stayed up in Midway with our friends where we played in the pool, BBQ'd at the condo and headed to the lake one day. It was a such a fun little getaway! As we were headed home we decided to spend the day in Park City to ride the Alpine slide and get some lunch. I wore my Harper and Bay dress because I really didn't want to wear my leggings for a third day in a row and just wanted to feel put together, not to mention it was 90 degrees out. Yikes! I got lots of compliments on my dress while we were there and was so thankful for the ease in nursing it gave me.

If you're a nursing mama I highly recommend one of these adorable dresses. They have so many options but I LOVE the raglan ones. They are so fun, playful and most importantly, comfortable!


Kelly Linn Feller said...

So sweet!! Finley is just the cutest!

aika said...

nice picture...sexy dress..

Sierra @ Beautifully Candid said...

That pineapple swaddle is adorable! Loving your dress too. I'm in the same situation with nursing and finding cute easy access dresses, especially ones that I can ware to work and not have to strip down to pump. Thanks for sharing :) Beautifully Candid