Sunday Night

The evenings in Utah are so amazing you guys. They sort of make up for the awful winters ;) Last night Josh and I took Copeland to my moms house while we went to take some pictures of our littlest, Finley. I hardly have any pictures of Copeland and myself from when he was a newborn. I hated how I looked after I had him and never wanted my picture candidly taken. I regret it so so much! I wish I would've embraced my postpartum body then.

Finley is exactly 8 weeks old today. He's still so tiny and I never want to forget this stage in his life. The newborn days go by far too quickly and I feel that now with having a second baby I'm soaking up every ounce of it because I know it doesn't last forever.

Josh and I were talking the other day, while listening to Copeland tell us stories about his day, about how excited we were with Copeland to reach every milestone and how we couldn't wait for the next milestone to come. We talked about how now it's different, we want time to slow down, we want the milestones to stay at bay for as long as possible because we want them to stay little forever. Having a second baby makes you realize just how fast time truly goes and that, before you know it, these little babies who relied on you to for life are now getting into the fridge by themselves, they're now telling you exactly how they feel, they're telling you no and telling you what they want. Everyday they are becoming more and more independent.

Last night while we were taking these pictures, Finn started crying out in hunger. I loved the fact that I was wearing this beautiful dress from Vici Dolls. The wrap style made nursing so easy! Josh happened to snap a couple photos and I will forever cherish those.

Here are a few more dresses that I'm loving from the Vici Collection
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Make Messes with The Laundress

I'm so excited to partner with The Laundress today for their Make Messes campaign encouraging families to get messy with fun summer projects! Copeland had so much fun with this squirt gun art project we did, but what little boy (or girl!) wouldn't want to squirt colorful water at a blank canvas?!

Here's what you need to get messy with your littles
-Squirt Gun(s)
-Canvas or Watercolor Paper
-Liquid Watercolor Paints or Washable Kids Paint
If you use the washable kids paint then you will need 
-Oral Medicine Dispenser 
-Cups to mix paint and water in 
-Fork to mix paint and water with 
If you choose this route, you'll just need to mix a small amount of paint with water to whichever consistency you'd like. Use the syringe to get paint mixture into the quirt guns.

Fill up your squirt guns with the liquid watercolor paint and let them go out it! We just set this up in the in the front yard while baby brother napped in his Moses basket. Copeland was so excited though that he kept trying to give Finn a squirt gun so he could paint too. He's getting a lot better at sharing ;) This was such a fun little activity and of course we ended up just running around the lawn, squirting each other with the colorful water. We'll definitely be doing it more throughout these hot summer days!

If you'd like to join in on the Make Messes campaign through Instagram, post a photo of your family mid mess, embrace the mess mamas! Make sure to tag @TheLaundress and use the hashtag #makemesses and The Laundress will donate $1 (up to $1,000) to Art Start for every photo posted! They will also be choosing a winner each week to receive a Make Messes Cleaning Kit!

If you'd like to purchase your own cleaning kit, $2 from each sale will be donated to Art Start through July 10th!

Thank you so much to The Laundress for sharing this 
amazing campaign and for their donations to Art Start.

tankjeans / bag / shoes  
duster (sold out) but I love these! 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

Hey guys! Are you all as excited as I am for the weekend? I feel like this week has dragged on and we cannot wait to spend two full days with daddy! During the weekdays when Josh gets home from work we usually go out and do something fun and then have Saturday and Sunday to just relax around the house. 

Last night we decided to go get sno-cones and tour the Parade of Homes. Snow cones are seriously a necessary part of our diets during the summer so while we were out we stopped at the cutest little shaved ice shack on center street. Copeland wanted blue flavor and was not happy that it was taking longer than his one second attention span. He definitely has my sweet tooth :)

After sno-cones we went through a few homes in the Parade of Homes. You guys should see some of the houses! We walked through one with a bowling alley and foam pit in the basement, it was madness! Although most of the homes were a little gaudy for our tastes, it's so fun to see all the new designs from builders and gather some of the more realistic ideas for our new home build! We are getting so excited to start the process as we're getting more and more cramped in our little home. Two kids in no joke and with all the baby items around now we are pretty much all on top of each other. 

I'm sure you all have seen our kitchen remodel we did recently did. Well, we still have a couple more things to do and fix around the house before our realtor can come and help get the ball rolling on listing our home for sale. I'm so nervous you guys! How the heck do you show a home when you've got two babies living there?! The amount of toys, baby products and just junk we have is insane! I feel like if anyone were to see our house how it really looks most days they would be running so fast in the other direction. But really, just today Copeland spilled his glass of strawberry milk on our white rug and also decided that a bottle of baby powder is meant to be dumped out on his bed and jumped in. Help! Any advice from past sellers would be lovely :) 

Harper and Bay Nursing Dress

I'm finally feeling up to blogging again you guys :) After welcoming Finley into the world on May 2nd it's been pretty busy getting adjusted to two little babes and trying to let my body heal in the process. We just hit five weeks yesterday and it's all been such a dream!

Nursing this time around has been so different than it was with Copeland. Copeland was so easy to nurse from the get go. He'd nurse for 30 minutes at a time and slept for 3 hours straight. Every. Time. Finley on the other hand is the polar opposite. He wants to nurse EVERY hour and only for about 6 minutes. It's getting better but there were times when I wanted to give up and I honestly felt like my nipples were going to fall off, TMI? Sorry. But nursing is hard! It's hard to get through those first 5 weeks but it was worth it.

I really adore nursing Finn so much! Even more though, I love when I find cute nursing clothes. I'll be honest, when I'm home I'm in my nursing bra and a pair of pj shorts. It's so attractive you guys ;) So when we actually go out It's nice to be able to wear something I feel cute in. I have a hard time feeling cute or stylish when I'm nursing. I feel like I'm always thinking "does this give me easy access?" and the pieces that usually do have easy access are my stretchy not so cute tee's and then there's the nursing bra and nursing pads... but that's a whole 'nother story.

When I found Harper and Bay I was so thrilled! Not only are the dresses dang cute but they are all nursing friendly. It's a genius design and is one of those ideas where you think "why didn't I think of that?". There are zippers where the sleeves meet the dress making it so easy to just unzip and nurse.

This past weekend we stayed up in Midway with our friends where we played in the pool, BBQ'd at the condo and headed to the lake one day. It was a such a fun little getaway! As we were headed home we decided to spend the day in Park City to ride the Alpine slide and get some lunch. I wore my Harper and Bay dress because I really didn't want to wear my leggings for a third day in a row and just wanted to feel put together, not to mention it was 90 degrees out. Yikes! I got lots of compliments on my dress while we were there and was so thankful for the ease in nursing it gave me.

If you're a nursing mama I highly recommend one of these adorable dresses. They have so many options but I LOVE the raglan ones. They are so fun, playful and most importantly, comfortable!