Label by Legoe and A Day at the Zoo

Hat / Tee / Jeans 

It's hard to believe I'm already 37 weeks and my due date is just around the corner. I feel like I'm so unprepared this time around. With Copeland I was done and ready to go by 30 weeks. Now, here I am and we still haven't even gotten a car seat yet. We're going to finally get one this week though... hopefully! ;) I'm a very good at procrastinating haha. Something we did have time for though is a stop at the zoo. Copeland loves animals so much. He is on this kick where every animal he sees is the baby and he needs to help it find it's mama. It's really cute! At the zoo he saw a baby giraffe and just goes "awwwww, it's a baby. He misses his mama" in the highest pitched voice. Such a sweet little boy. I'm really going to miss these little family outings of just the 3 of us. 

I forgot how long it takes to walk around the zoo. Holy! My little toes looked like little sausages after the 3 hours we were there. Thankfully I was pretty comfortable as far as clothing goes. As I'm getting further along and my belly is pushing itself out to the max, finding clothes nowadays is pretty much impossible. Even my beloved H&M maternity leggings have seen their last days as they've begun to dig into my huge tummy. So thank the lord for Label by Legoe. If it weren't for these unbelievably comfortable dresses I would have gone to the zoo in my husband's basketball shorts and t-shirts. No shame in that though, I think all us pregnant mamas have been there! But it is really nice to have something you feel good in when you're in your third trimester, or really any trimester! 

This dress and a few others that I have have been an absolute dream, especially in these last few weeks. I can't even describe how comfortable they are you guys and not to mention super stylish. I love that there is no side ruching like most maternity pieces so they will be wearable after baby boy is here. And really, not having something tight and uncomfortable around your tummy at this point in pregnancy seriously is a dream. It's like wearing a nightgown only this is acceptable to wear out in public :) 

Some of my other favorite pieces from Label by Legoe are the Freddie dress, the Runway dress and the Hudson top

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Great adventure for the kid...Occasion wear