Hospital Bag

Whoa. At my last doctor appointment I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced! I was so excited to hear this because I was barely at a 1 for weeks with Copeland. I just can't believe that no matter what, come Monday, we will have another little boy!!! Holy smokes, that's so surreal!

I just really can't get over that  I'm going to have two babies to look after, two littles to cuddle with (well maybe just one because someone doesn't do much cuddling ;) ), two little boys to raise into amazing men, husbands and future fathers. I can't believe how soon it all has happened. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant. The whole first trimester was a mess and a blur. The second trimester went by way too fast and now here we are, days away from bringing home another sweet little soul.

When I had Copeland I feel like I was so prepared. Probably over prepared. This time around I feel like I'm scrambling to just get in touch with my pregnancy, body and baby. When I thought about packing a hospital bag for the baby I was sort of at a lost. What the heck do I need for a newborn? I remember with Copeland I had a whole bag full of stuff I didn't even end up using so when it came time to put a bag together for baby #2 I just was really lost.

I thought about what I used at the hospital and what I really needed so I didn't have to pack 4 separate bags like last time.Yes, I basically brought everything but the kitchen sink with Copeland! I really want to take advantage of some the things the hospital offers.

The only things I plan on bringing for baby brother is:

-swaddle blanket. Although the hospital does have their own blankets that they give you, I have so many swaddlers that I
want to use them as much as possible!

-coming home outfit and extra change of clothes. I loved having a special outfit for Copeland to come home in. So it's a must
to bring, although the little shirts my hospital puts on the babies is seriously the cutest thing ever!

-nursing pillow. I didn't bring a nursing pillow with Copeland (or maybe I did and it was just on the other side of the room?) and really wish I would have. I just remember it was so uncomfortable adjusting to nursing and trying to stuff hospital pillows under me and Copeland in the middle of the night. So this is a huge must!

-binky. The hospital does give you pacifiers but Copeland wasn't a fan of the hospital ones so I'll be bringing a couple
different ones from home.

-nursing cover. It's nice to have a cover for when visitors come by and baby wants to nurse.

-scratch mittens. I had no idea that babies really could scratch themselves like crazy before I became a mom. Scratch mittens were like this amazing little invention after I had Copeland haha.

I'll be packing everything in my Pacapod diaper bag because it's so roomy and fits it all! Such a great diaper bag!

Things that I'll be using of the hospitals will be the diapers, wipes and the burp cloths. I loved the hospital burp cloths. They were soft and super absorbent.


    going home outfitnipple cream / lots of snacks 


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Aspen Paige said...

You're such a lovely mother. I enjoy reading your blogs, they're so inspirational and I love the aesthetic! Your two boys will be so loved and care for. Hope all is well!

Emily Joyner said...

Although I am not expecting, your bump is the cutest! I follow up with your instagram and your baby is precious.
xox, Emily

Tanja13 said...

You are such an amazing woman and incredible mum!I love all your blogs and I love your home and DIY projects. And it is so nice to read that there is a super sweet mommy like you,who is not afraid to tell that her life is not prefect and that she is also sometimes sad and tired.Your blogs always make my day better!