Maternity Style Must-Haves

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Just a little more on my favorite pieces for maternity fashion...
I'm all about being comfortable during pregnancy. Especially with a toddler and now being 
in the third trimester, comfort is key!

This time around I really love form fitting tops. It's been fun to embrace my belly and show 
it off a little :) The Target tanks (#6) are awesome. Only about $12 and these baby's are 
THE BEST! I own almost all the colors because I'm so obsessed. 

As far as bottoms go I'm in love with the H&M Mama leggings (#1). For $13 they are 
amazing you guys! So comfy. I think I wear them about 90% of the week. I'm constantly 
washing them and they've held up so well for the past 8 months! 

I also LOVE my Zara mum jeans (#3). These are a bit pricey (I lucked out and got them on 
black Friday for super cheap) but honestly they are totally worth the investment in my opinion. 
They are so flattering and extremely comfortable! 

And of course, I'll always be all about the dresses. About 50% of my closet is dresses because 
they are so easy. No thinking about finding a top and bottoms to match, just throw on a 
dress and go!

Happy mama shopping ladies!

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