Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

We are in full on remodel mode over here trying to get everything done before April
and it's actually been a lot of fun! But like I've mentioned before, we are a little obsessed
with home projects haha. Our new counter tops and sink are being installed in just a
couple more days and I'm so excited to get the house put back together and move onto
the boys' room.

I honestly cannot wait to for the new sink. I think that will be my favorite part! Our current
sink is in awful condition. I think we've replaced the faucet about 3 times since moving in
4 years ago and for some reason we just keep buying the same crappy one. The sink itself
is completely chipped everywhere and it's pretty much a black, rotted mess. So having a new
sink and faucet that actually work will be like a dream!

As far as the counter tops go I'm nervous and excited about them. I never have really minded
our current laminate counters. They are a light beige color and honestly I've never been a
huge fan of granite so changing out the counters was never a top priority. But now that we
are thinking about selling we know it's a must. We chose a marble alternative which I think
will look great but not sure if it will be too much white with the cabinets and white subway
back splash. But I mean honestly, is there such a thing as too much white? ;)

So here is just a little reminder of the kitchen when we bought the house and a current photo
before we get the counter tops, sink and back splash installed. It's so crazy to look back at
all we've done to the house. This little place has been such a great starter home for our little family :)

I will hopefully be able to get some pictures this weekend of everything and get a post written 
(if I can get my pregnant self to begin and finish tiling the back splash haha). I really can't wait 
to share it with you guys and hopefully provide a little inspiration, links and DIY's for your 
own renovations on a budget! 

Okay... and I couldn't resist posting one more sneak peek of our family room with
the sweetest little addition of baby brothers rocking cradle. All the heart eyes for his
little corner of the room!

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Lovella Cushman said...

When the back splash is finally completed it will look really good. People sometimes limit themselves to basic options when it comes to that area of their kitchen but why bother to do that. The back splash is an area that you are going to spend a lot of time looking at and it helps if it looks as good as possible.

Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing