Favorite Early Spring Styles

Oh you guys, I feel like my blog has been nothing but a big complain-fest/outlet for me lately.
I'm really sorry. I'm so ready to have this baby and get back to feeling like my happy self again!

We went on a little weekend getaway this past weekend to get some sunshine and it was so nice!
Now that we are back home, I really hope it's prettier where ever you are than it is here in Utah.
The news issued a warning saying not go outside because the air quality is SO bad that it can potentially
cause birth defects in babies of pregnant women... YIKES! So here I am, just about 30 weeks pregnant,
sitting inside (snacking on Nutella and strawberries so it's not that bad), browsing beautiful sunny pictures of
people's gardens on Pinterest and dreaming of spring and summer dresses.

I was pregnant during the entire summer with Copeland so I'm pretty happy that this little one will be here the
end of April so I can avoid being completely swollen everyday ;) Seriously though, I looked like
Violet Beauregarde blueberry style pretty much all of July and August. If you've been pregnant during 
the summer then you know, it's not fun.

Anyway, during the summer my go-to clothing is typically sun dresses and skirts. They are just easy, comfy 
and usually pretty cool during 90 degree days. So since little man will be here at the end of April and I don't 
expect my body to bounce back right away I'm definitely looking forward to getting some more comfy, 
loose and pretty summer dresses and skirts. I'm loving the ones I linked above with the muted colors and pretty cuts. 

Oh I'm just really really happy it's February, Valentine's day is in a few days and spring time is so close! 
I've missed waking up to birds chirping outside :)

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