Family Room Renovation Inspiration + Sneak Peek

Diaper Bag c/o - Nena & co. / Dress - Vintage / Candle 
Pouf / Wicker Blanket Basket - Similar / Quilt - Similar Styles 
*Josh made our media console which I love! The $1,000 one from West Elm wasn't in our budget so we found THESE plans to build our one for about $150. I'l be sharing a post on it later with the stain and hardware we used. 

I wanted to share a little sneak peak with you guys on how the house is coming along. It's been quite a while since we did any major changes but we are back at it and so excited!

Josh and I are huge believers in DIY projects. Our whole house has been one big DIY project but we love it. When we bought the house 4 years ago we knew it was our starter home and not a place that would be our forever home. It's small you guys, roughly 1300 sq ft., no basement and hardly any storage. So Josh and I have finally come to the decision that we either need to sale or rent it out. And we've given ourselves a 12 month timeline to do so.

It's really hard thinking about leaving this little place. We bought this house together. We brought Copeland home here, bought our first dog here and have made so many special memories in this home. Not to mention all of the sweat and tears that have gone into all the projects we've done. Renovating both bathrooms, updating the kitchen, installing new floor, building a garden and a pergola in the back, just to name a few. A lot of time and love has been spent on this house so I would definitely say I'm very much emotionally attached this place. Sadly I know it is too small and we are looking forward to building a forever home.

Alright, now onto the fun stuff! As you can see we had carpet that splits up the family room and kitchen open plan layout. It made the small family room appear even smaller. Not only that, the carpet that was in here was awful. It was the cheapest carpet you can buy and it was starting to become stretched out. That on top of the stains, it just had to go. As much as I love carpet, I prefer the wood look in the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms.

Josh and I have talked about replacing the carpet for about 3 months now and we finally just went to the store and made a decision and did it! It's not the exact color I wanted but it was cheap and of good quality which will be perfect if we rent it out and hopefully if we go to sale it potential buyers will love the flow from the kitchen into the family room. We decided on laminate flooring planks from Home Depot. At .79 a sq. ft. it was a no brainer. We were able to do the entire kitchen/family room area, laundry room and hallway for $400! This left enough money in the budget to get new coutertops in the kitchen, a new farmhouse sink, faucet and backsplash! More on that later :)

I honestly couldn't be happier with how the floor looks and makes the house feel! But man, let me tell you what, installing flooring with a toddler who wants to turn each plank of wood into a car ramp, wrap himself up in the underlayment and pretend it's a bed and just REALLY wants to help daddy take out the carpet tacks makes for an especially hard carpet removal and floor install. Add in one super needy husky pup and being 7 months pregnant and you can pretty much imagine how our nights have been. Good thing Josh and I love doing this so much and can keep each other smiling and laughing through it all :)

Onto the design. I love home design. I love that it's always changing and nothing is ever set in stone. I am always changing my mind when it comes to our home. One minute I'm all about the minimalist style of living. I'll go raid the house and get rid of EVERYTHING and think "Ohh no more clutter, I love this!" and then bam! the next day I'm just like "I need color! I need more pillows, more knick knacks, something, anything, why is it so bare!?" Seriously, my mind is a mess sometimes.

Colors change, pieces change and trends change constantly so I really want to keep the counters, flooring and walls neutral and classic, nothing too trendy. For accents I'm obsessed with pale pink lately. I've had a special place in my heart for peach but have always been scared to really use it. I guess now that I'm the only girl in the house among soon to be THREE boys I need something feminine around me :) So I really would love to add a pink or peachy colored rug to the family room. I think it will add a lot of pretty-ness to the room but not over power it.

I love bringing the outside in when it comes to indoor decorating. There's something about having live greenery in the home that makes my heart happy and puts a smile on my face in the mornings. So I will be adding LOTS of plants, potted plants, hanging plants, tall plants, shorts plants... Okay kinda starting to feel like I'm reading a Dr. Suess book haha!

I can't wait to get EVERYTHING done and share it with you guys!

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