Transitioning Copeland to a Toddler Bed

Copeland has been such a trooper these past two weeks. We've thrown a lot of change at him and he's been so great about it all! To start with, we finally got him to sleep in own room! It's something we've been dreading not only because he's been sleeping in our bed since May and we were dreading the crying and tantrums we knew would come with getting him into his room but we also knew we would miss him sleeping with us. As much as we wanted our bed back to ourselves and have alone time before our second little boy gets here, we do love Copeland sleeping with us. Waking up to baby snuggles is the best!

When we finally set a time to get Copeland in his room, we actually kept putting it off. Seriously it was a lot harder than I thought it would actually be to let myself let him sleep in his own room. The first night though we put him in his crib and he cried and cried. We let him cry for about 10 minutes before we decided to get him. I know every parent says this but I feel like Copeland is pretty smart, he understands most everything we talk to him about so we brought him into our room and had a little talk with him. We cuddled all night and talked to him about how he needs to sleep in his own room because he's getting so big and needs his own space. He really seemed to get that. We told him he could sleep with us that night but come the weekend it was time to sleep in his own room. 

Side Note: It's really strange to me that he wouldn't sleep in his room because he takes naps in there like a champ! When I put him down during the day he's just like "bye mom, night mom, see ya!" But come night time it's so different. 

The whole next day we played in his room, hung up a new toy we got for him (a little parrot he named blueberry), and I really talked up how great his room was the whole day. I would ask him constantly if he liked his room and if he was getting excited to sleep in there and he was! He couldn't wait till josh got home so he could tell him how he was going to sleep in his own room. That night we both sat in his room and read his favorite book, sang some songs and that was it! He went right down and didn't wake up the whole night. Josh and I couldn't believe it! The next few nights went great as well! After about a week we decided we should try moving him into a toddler bed so we could make some room for the babies bassinet and some other things for the baby.  

Josh built him his bed and Copeland got to help, which he loved! He thought it was so cool that him and dad built his own big boy bed! The first night he slept in his bed went great! I think he was so excited about it that there were no problems at all! It was the few nights following that we started having some problems. He would cry when we put him down, he'd get out and come out to the family room and cry how he wanted to sleep in our bed. We ended up having to sleep with him, in his own bed, for about 4 nights. Then one night josh went into Copelands room and talked to him. He told him how he is such a big boy and that he really needs to stay in his bed and not get out until morning when the sun wakes up. And that was really all Copeland needed. A little talk from his dad and that was that. Copeland has been so good since. He does wake up occasionally around 4 in he morning and will just stand by his door and kind of yell at us haha and we tell him to come in and get in our bed. We don't mind at all. Just as long as he falls asleep and stays asleep for a while in his bed, he is more than welcome to come into our bed early in the morning. And honestly, I don't blame him for wanting to sleep with us. It would be so hard to sleep with your mom and dad for months and then all the sudden have to sleep by yourself in a room by yourself. He's pretty independent but I do love when he wakes up early and comes into bed with us :)

One thing though that I have to share with you guys! So one night I decided to put a nightlight in his room. I don't even know why. Copeland has never had a problem with the dark. Anyway I go ahead and put a nightlight in his room and after that he would not sleep in his room. He would scream and cry and beg s not to leave him and I felt awful! I wasn't sure if he was just being a silly and didn't ant to sleep or if he really was scared. He has never been scared before so that just didn't register with me I guess. Anyway after two nights of sleeping in his bed with him (can you picture it? My pregnant self curled up with Copeland in his toddler bed? Yeah, not ideal) I asked him what was wrong and why he hated his room all of the sudden. He kept saying "it spooky" "I don't like it" "take my bed back to store". So I asked him what was so spooky and no joke you guys, he looks at me from behind his comforter and sticks his little finger out and points behind me and says "that big guy". My heart sank and I grabbed him and ran into my room where Josh was laying in bed and I'm just like nope, nope, nope! Copeland's not sleeping in there! Josh thought we both were crazy but oh my gosh. It was freaking creepy! Anyway, Josh went in there with Copeland and figured out there was a shadow being cast onto the ceiling created from his Mickey Mouse ears! I guess it looked like a big guy to Copeland and was freaking him out the past couple nights. I felt awful you guys! All because I didn't want him to be scared of the dark (which he wasn't to begin with) Ugh... Parenting!

Anyway, I really can't believe how well he has done transitioning from our bed to his crib to his toddler all in such a short amount of time! He's one tough little man! We've also been potty training and has been doing amazing with it! I'll share that whole experience in my next post :) 

We are so proud of our little guy and pray that to next baby will be just as easy haha!

My 5 Tips

1. Hang out in their room. Play, read, eat, just be in their room a lot during the day so they become comfortable with it. 

2. Make sure it's a space they love. I really wanted Copeland to love his room so when designing it I kept a toddlers mind in mind. I picked things out I knew he would love and love to look at. 

3. Let them help create a space that is theirs. We let Copeland pick out something special for his room, his parrot Blueberry. He LOVES Blueberry! He tells it goodnight every night and always talks about him during the day. 

4. Talk up how cool their room is. All day long leading up to Copeland transitioning into his room I would just bring up throughout the day how awesome his room was, how I wished I could have a cool room like his, etc. It got him excited and made him proud of his little space. 

5. Just talk to them. Copeland understands so much now and so when Josh talked to him about how he needed to stay in his bed Copeland got that.

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