Gender Reveal... Finally! ;)

So it's always fun to try and guess the gender of your baby in the weeks leading up to that one big ultrasound.I did all of these with Copeland and so I wanted to try some with this little one!

Of course, these aren't 100% but still fun :)

Feeling Queasy. Apparently being sick in the first 12 weeks means girl, sickness later on means boy as well
as sickness in the morning means girl and sickness in the evening means boy.

Verdict: Well This pregnancy I've definitly been sick with nausea but not throwing up. With Copeland
I was sick day and night and throwing up several times a day! So since I'm not as sick this time I'm going to say...

Verdict: Boy!

The Ring Test. Take your wedding ring a tie to a string. Hold it above your belly, if it moves side to side it's a boy,
moves in circles and it's a girl!

Verdict: Girl!

The Boob Test. Haha this one cracks me up. If your right boob is bigger, it's a Boy, vice versa and it's a girl!

Verdict: Girl!

Cravings. Craving sugary sweets and it's a girl. Craving salty and savory and it's a boy.

This pregnancy I definitely can't help but stuff my face with sugary fruit drinks and actual fruit, apples
and pineapple are my go to. But I also can't stop with the mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and
just cheese in general haha.

Verdict: Not sure!

Bumps. If you're carrying high, it's a girl. Low and it's a boy.

Verdict: Can't tell yet, I'm still just bloated looking haha

Chinese Gender Calendar. You can check it out here.

Verdict: Girl!

Baby Wiggles. If baby is wiggly and jumpy in ultrasounds it means boy, if relaxed it's a girl.

Verdict: Boy! This little one can't stop moving!

Goldie Locks. If you have shiny healthy hair and clear glowing skin, it's a boy. If you're breaking out and have dull hair, it's a girl.

Verdict: Well my hair seems to be pretty much the same and my skin is awesome some days and then horrible others,
so this test didn't work for me.

Hairy Legs. If your hair is growing faster on your legs, it's a boy. If it's the same it's a girl.

Verdict: My hair is out of control which means Boy!

Baking Soda Test. This one is kinda gross but you betcha I tried it haha! Take a sample of your first morning
urine and pour about 2 tablespoons of baking soda into it. If it fizzles like beer it's a boy, if it stays flat, it's a girl.

Verdict: Girl! 

Score: Boy 3 || Girl 4

And the final verdict is.........Oh boy, It's A BOY!!!

We went in at 15 weeks for our gender reveal and as soon as the nurse brought up the ultrasound on the screen
I knew it was a boy. She swiveled it around a bit trying to get a good look and then bam! There he was :)
When she announced it was a boy I felt this sense of peace in my heart. It was so weird. I truly wanted
to have a girl. I think every mom wants a little girl. I love the relationship I have with my mom. She's my best
friend ( I call her at least once a day. Okay, it's usually more like 4 times a day haha) and I want that someday.
But I know we want more than two children so there's always the next ones :)

But getting back to the ultrasound. When she said boy I finally felt that connection I had been dying for for the
past 4 months. I knew He was giving us this little boy for a reason and he is a huge blessing to us. Later
on in the week I would think about Copeland having a brother and get so emotional. It was pretty embarrassing
while walking down the aisles of Target happy crying to myself because I would start imagining having
two little boys. I have a sister and we are 15 months apart and I love her so much. So for Copeland to have a
brother and be pretty close in age completely melts my heart.

As soon as I found out the gender I couldn't wait to start planning everything! When I was pregnant with
Copeland, Josh was still in school and I was planning on taking maternity leave and probably not going
back to work so we had basically no money for anything but the necessities; diapers, a few maternity clothes,
clothes for copeland and that's about it.

We borrowed almost everything from friends and family. My sister even gave me her extra nursing pads
haha. So this time around we can actually go out and get the things we need and I'm so excited for that!
I can't wait to go test out swings, bassinets and pretty much everything that a baby needs! We've already
purchased a few things and are getting all stocked up. It's been so fun checking out all the new stuff that
is out there for baby!

I can't wait to start on the nursery and I would love to have the boys share a room but I'm not so sure how
practical that will be having a toddler and under one year old in the same room. Any advice or suggestions on that?

Anyway, we are extremely excited and I'm totally that crazy pregnant lady crying all the time over how
grateful I am for this little babe :)

We do have a name picked out but we're not telling anyone... yet. I'm not sure how long I can keep this secret so I'll probably be spilling it later on! We are already 24 weeks along so not much longer until I get to snuggle a new little baby.

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