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It's been a while since we've had a sale for the Feed Yourself Fit Meal Plan and Exercise eBooks so today seemed like a good day for just that!

Since becoming pregnant for the second time I've really wanted to focus on having a healthy pregnancy. I'm not worried about the weight I gain (I honestly just think my body puts on extra weight during pregnancy no matter how healthy I am) as much as I'm worried about what I'm eating.

As most of you know when I was pregnant with Copeland I gained 60 pounds and it took me a while to get it off by exercising and eating right. The past two years of learning how to feed my body and maintaining an exercise program I honestly feel have helped me so much in this pregnancy. I've still gained about 20 pounds so far and I'm only 26 weeks but that's nothing to what I gained last time around 26 weeks and I really believe it's because I was eating healthy before this pregnancy and was probably in what I consider the best shape of my life. When you're eating right and exercising, your body does what it's supposed to do. It goes to the weight that works for yourself.

I still plan on gaining around another 20 pounds before I give birth and I'm totally okay with that :) I won't sit here though and say I haven't indulged during this pregnancy because let's face it, ice cream cones, Taco Bell and Jelly Belly's just have to happen and I'm not even sorry about it. It's just all about balance.

Anyway, for those of you who are not pregnant and are looking for a way to jump start your healthy eating regime my health coach, Brette, and I created the Feed Yourself Fit eBooks with a full 3 week meal plan! It's healthy food, yes but not anything too extreme. We wanted to make this book for everyone. It's easy to follow and it's based off of what I did to lose my 60 pounds I gained with Copeland. It really helps you understand what you're body needs. We explain why you need a certain amount of carbs, fats and protein and really focus on helping you learn how to eat right.

For a limited time we are combing both the Feed Yourself Fit: The Plan which includes a 3 week meal plan with yummy recipes and Feed Yourself Fit: The Routine which includes an exercise program for only $15.00! We normally sell These books for $25.00 combined. By purchasing during this sale you will save $10.00!!!

For an overview of the what the eBooks include CLICK HERE

***Due to the nature of these books being available through 
an instant download, there will be no refunds or exchanges given. 
All sales are final. By purchasing you understand this.
We reccommend you read the complete overview of what's included in
the eBook before purchasing. Thank you and Enjoy!***

Get BOTH eBoks for ONLY $15.00!
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