December Sayings

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! We had the best time just hanging out at home and spending time with family and friends :) Copeland is getting sillier by the day! Here are some of his Decemeber sayings... 
  • When we tell him we love him he replies with "I love you too" we then say "Love you more" and he says "I love you most." 

  • The other day he came onto the bed and pried open my eye and asked "Mama build snowman?"  Can you tell we obviously watch too many Disney movies! 

  • While I was tickling his feet the other night he laughs and says to me "WOW mom, you're are pretty crazy!"

  • We love eating the sweetie oranges (we call them baby oranges) and I grabbed one asked Copeland if he wanted a baby orange. He looked at the orange I was holding out and says "I do want that baby orange! Baby orange looks like baby Jesus, I love baby Jesus!" 

  • If he gets hurt on anything (wall, stubs toe on table, playing too rough and gets hurt with his wooden toy hammer) he will point to whatever hurt him and say "Silly hammer", "Silly table" "Silly wall" as he's trying not to cry and doing his best to hold back tears.

  • During dinner prayer the other night Copeland yells out "Heeeyyyyy! What's the big idea!?" Right as the food was being blessed. #facepalm 

  • Santa brought him a kitchen for Christmas and today he came up to me with a plastic egg and said "Mama! Mama! I made you eggs!" "Ohh yummy! Thank you! You're the best cook there ever was!" I told him. As he's walking away he says "You're welcome. Happy Birthday mama." My birthday is in May haha.

  • We were watching tv and a commercial came on and
    Copeland completely stops what he was playing with, watches the commercial and once it's over he looks at me all wide eyed and says "That was weeiiirrrrdddddddd"

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Amanda H. said...

So cute! I love all the crazy things toddlers say. :)