November Sayings

Before I had Copeland I followed a lot of mom blogs. They were my favorite to read because they were all so real.

One of my favorite blogs was run by a mama of a little girl and when she was a toddler this blogger would post about the cute and funny things she started saying. Those were my favorite! Reading and listening to things toddlers say is pretty hilarious. So I thought I would start sharing some of Copeland's sayings because he is becoming quite the little speaker at almost 27 months old.

So here are just a few of Novembers sayings that have made us crack up and say "awwwee". Enjoy!

  • Whenever anyone toots Copeland stops what he's doing looks at us and smiles and says "That was me mama/dada" and then scrunches his little nose and laughs. Thanks for taking one for the team little dude.

  • Whenever we change his diapers, poopy or not he always says "No, not me poop again!"

  • He wanted a toy at Target and I told him not today and he lets out this biggest "Bummmeerrr"

  • If he can't figure out how to turn something on or do something, for instance he was trying to peel an orange by himself and couldn't get it, he will say "Maybe my drewdriver (screwdriver) will fix it?" and then will go look for his toy screwdriver.

  • When I ask him something and he doesn't want to answer, for example "Copeland what are you doing?" or "Where you going baby?" he replies with "Hold on mom, hold on."

  • Driving in the car to anywhere as long as Josh and I are both in the car he says "This is fun! This is so fun!"


Jaimie said...

I love this! I can picture him saying all of those

Brett said...

What a fun age! That diaper one cracks me up! ­čśé