Little Boy Stocking Stuffers

I am so excited for Christmas this year! Copeland is already obsessed. Every morning he tells the Christmas tree good morning and gives it a hug and a kiss. We have also been trying to teach him the meaning of Christmas and keep trying to veer his attention to the nativity set or the baby Jesus ornament but I think the lights on the tree are just too much for his little attention span haha.

With him more alert this year though, Christmas morning will be so much fun! My favorite thing ever is stuffing stocking with goodies and fun toys. Opening my stocking was always my favorite thing on Christmas morning growing up. I always loved the little things that were in there.

We really didn't fill Copeland's stocking with too much this year but what we did fill it with we made sure was of good quality and would hold his attention longer than a day.

He LOVES wind up toys. We have about 6 right now but they are just really cheesy ones we've found here and there so I knew I wanted to get him some wind up toys because they will hold his attention for about an hour or at least until my hand is tired from winding them up!

So here is my list for fun stocking stuffers for little boys :)

Wind Up Duck Family - I just thought this was really cute. It's a little pricey but it's large and Copeland loves animals so I can already see him trying to hug and kiss this little duck family.

Wind Up Circus Walrus - We had a walrus like his but Copeland ripped the ball off and broke it. So I wanted to replace it for him because he loved that little walrus wind up toy SO MUCH!

Knit Dog - This was just too cute to pass up and we purchased it while it was on sale. So it was a good buy, Copeland loves all his stuffed animals and wants to take them EVERYWHERE. I wanted to get this one specifically because it is small enough to fit in my purse if he brings it while we're running errands.

Light Up Koi Fish Bath Toy - If your child loves animals like Copeland, they will probably love this little bath toy! It's really cute and has a 5 star review on amazon so I think a lot of kids love it! We bought one for my niece and I showed Copeland and he was in love and of course kept wanting to hug and kiss it and wanted to take a bath with it haha

Play Food - We got Copeland a kitchen this year for Chrismas because he is obsessed with food! I think he will love it because everytime we go to Ikea all he wants is to play with the kitchen. Anyway, I did a lot of research on play food and found that Learning Resources was the best. I ordered the lunch and breakfast baskets seperately but I wish I would have ordered this 3 pack because it's such a good deal!

I think he will love all of these toys long after Christmas day has passed. We are so excited! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Brittany Mckittrick said...

Where are your stockings from? They are so cute