Watercolor Midi

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I've been having serious anxiety over it being the middle of July already! 
How is summer going by so fast!? 
I'm trying to soak in as much of the heat and sunshine I can to make it 
through another winter in Utah. And I'm also trying to squeeze in as many 
colorful pieces into my wardrobe as possible. I took the leap to colors 
and I'm still loving it! Josh even commented on this skirt saying how cute I looked
in it! I have never my husband say cute before so I totally felt like the giddy 19
year old I was when I first met him. 

Anyway, midis are a favorite of mine for summer so I linked below all of 
my favorites! 

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Sara Beth said...

Love this skirt!!! Wish it was still sold in stores!!!

Socratic Discussions said...

Where did you get the watercolor skirt? It is super cute but not on your list of fave skirts.

Hunter said...

Would you ever be willing to sell this skirt? I'm in love!

John Marine said...

I am John. I somewhat randomly found this blog and this blog post researching a topic for my own blog.

Anyhow, I think you look beautiful with this cute top, this stylish skirt, and those skin-tone pumps. Sweet smile and hairstyle also. Quite beautiful you are.