Pink Blush


Two things. 

1) This dress is amazing you guys. I'm currently in love with everything from Pink Blush. I want their whole summer line in my closet like yesterday. If you haven't heard of Pink Blush you can check them out HERE and if you are loving on this dress like I am you can find it HERE (and on sale!) 

2) Josh and I both celebrated our birthdays last month and I 'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that I turned 27! I saw a quote somewhere, probably on Pinterest, that said "you only get ten years to be in your twenties."  I'm starting to realize that I need to take full advantage of the next few years and get the most out of my twenties because although I still feel like my 20 year old self, the fact is I'm getting older. There is so much I want out of life, so many things I want to accomplish and so many places I want to travel. I feel like a part of me is slowly dying along with my twenties. Does anyone else get that feeling? Like the older you get the less care-free you can be. The more responsibility you create for yourself the less you can actually live spontaneously? I've been missing that the most. The spontaneity I use to have. 

I've decided that I really need that back in my life. I crave it some days. Now I know that as a parent it's sometimes hard to have complete spontaneity in your life, but even if it were just jumping in the car one weekend and driving to a new hiking trail, lake or going somewhere we've never been and of course, getting pina colada Slurpee's on the way. Just things we use to do when we were two teenagers getting to know each other. I feel like I've talked about this before, but I'm always getting myself into these dang ruts and realizing I'm that much closer to 30 doesn't help haha. 


Cori Walker said...

This dress is so gorgeous and perfect for summer! I want it! And I also tend to do the same thing as you, as far as getting stuck in a rut. I'm such a creature of habit and I love routines, but every once in a while it will hit me that I'm not as spontaneous as I want to be. It's hard to find the right balance!


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks fabulous in this post! :)


HelloCopeland said...

Rae, thank you so much!

HelloCopeland said...

Cori, yes! That's exactly how I am as well. It's definitely hard finding a balance, especially now having a child.